Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL, 6/18/04

By FA Sienn "The Rot" Sconn
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Jun 18, 2004
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Alright, here\'s the NL. Sorry it\'s taken me so long, but my original
goal was to be able to release it at the same time as 309. With any
luck, 309 should be out tonight, Licah was working on finishing it last
night. As soon as it\'s released, we\'ll assign a due date and hopefully
get back on the ITOD schedule.

I. News/Announcements
II. Celestial Fury
III. 308 Results
IV. Promotions/Awards
V. Closing

I. News/Announcements

-RgF 309 will (hopefully) be out tonight. I apologize for the SEVERE
lack of downtime between missions.

-Celestial Fury is again taking place tomorrow -- the pilots of the RS
have been doing very well and actually getting some matches, especially
against UPA. So...come out to fly tomorrow from 2-11 PM EST in

-The logs of the chat with author Aaron Allston that took place Monday
night are now available for reading at

-LCM Max Cal, the RS\'s Logistics Officer, is putting together the RS
wide newsletter/newspaper thing \"To the Squadrons!\", something that the
RS hasn\'t had for several years. He\'s looking for submissions of
humorous or interesting material from RS members to include in the July
3 issue. If you\'ve got anything you\'d like to send along, please send
it to his e-mail address ( We\'ll see, I may
find a way to reward any submissions that come in from RgF members.

II. Celestial Fury
Celestial Fury is the new multiplayer competition the RS has going with
our allies in the Star Wars Alliance. As opposed to previous MP
competitions, we\'ve actually been getting some XvT matches and
acquitting ourselves rather well. Last week, RgF pilots went
undefeated, and I haven\'t even gotten into the cockpit yet. ;-)
Alright, so enough of my pretend bragging. I\'m going to post the stats
from each week here and then we\'ll see about awarding those pilots
who\'ve been kicking ass for the RS.

Kicks Defeats GoldLeader (United Pilots Alliance) 0 (26) - 0 (15)

David \"Tenacious \'D\'\" Defeats Falcon (United Pilots Alliance) 8800 (14)
- 6800 (12) [XvT]
Ode Tawi Loses to Falcon (United Pilots Alliance) 4800 (10) - 10800
(16) [XvT]
Kicks Loses to Brandis (United Pilots Alliance) 37530 (30) - 35900 (32)
Ode Tawi Loses to GoldLeader (United Pilots Alliance) 18300 (15) -
34200 (29) [XvT]
Kicks Defeats Brandis (United Pilots Alliance) 0 (22) - 0 (16) [XvT]
Ode Tawi Loses to GoldLeader (United Pilots Alliance) 5800 (11) - 9800
(15) [XvT]


Xtremegene Defeats Koskian (Dark Jedi Brotherhood) 17 (17) - 14 (14)
Dev Azzameen Defeats Koskian (Dark Jedi Brotherhood) 13 (13) - 12 (12)
RS_Gizmo Defeats commy (New Republic Fifth Fleet) 24 (24) - 11 (11)

There are awards that the Operations Office should have for all of you,
but I\'ve got a few that\'ll be awarded in section IV of this newsletter,
and Ent should have merit points updated when he returns from his LOA.

III. RgF 308 Results
First, as acting CO of Red Dragon Squadron, I need to tip my hat and
concede defeat to Rza, despite the fact that it pains me to do so. It
was all I could do to stop from committing ritual suicide over RDS\'s
poor performance in 308.

Top Wing honors for this mission go to Scorpion Wing with a combined
score of 128,439.

Top Squad honors, grudgingly go to Resurrection Squadron, with a
combined score of 107,689 and 88 kills.

However, the Top Ace for this mission isn\'t from Scorpion Wing or Rza,
and it\'s my priviledge to award the RgF Top Ace Medal to RA Tyrell
\"Spokes\" Borran of Twilight Squadron who edged out Rza\'s Major
Dyl\'jo\'ban by 2000 points to capture Top Ace. Congrats to both of

IV. Promotions and Awards
In addition to the ones for 308, here\'s the rest:

Captain Ode Tawi, step forward. For your continued presence and
activity at Celestial Fury, it is my honor to award you the RgF Medal
of Courage: [**^RgF^**]

RgF Merit Pins (#RgF#) go to the following pilots for their
participation in Celestial Fury:
LGN Wes \"Gizmo\" Belden
COL Chris Horn \"Kicks\"
COL Dev Azzameen
BGN Xtremegene
LCL David \"Tenacious D\"

CMDR Phil Darkfire, this promotion is actually long overdue. You
deserve to be at least a Colonel for the work you\'ve done in the RgF
UnderGrad, but for now, it\'s my pleasure to bestow the rank of
Lieutenant Colonel on you. Congrats!

Major Dyl\'jo\'ban, front and center. Your participation in RgF ITOD
missions and outstanding activity as Rza XO make me somewhat pleased to
promote you to Lieutenant Commander. Only somewhat pleased, because,
after all, you ARE in Rza. ;-)

COL Talon Starblazer -- your primary fleet is not the Renegade Fleet,
rather, the PBF. Luckily, the PBF CO happens to be in this fleet as
well, and I hope he\'ll take this as an official promotion
recommendation. Your service and activity to Havoc Wing and Rza has
not gone unnoticed, and I would be delighted to see you promoted to
Brigadier General.

Last, but not least, MGN Licah Fox, don\'t be shy, step up here. For
your continued and dedicated service to the Renegade Fleet and the
larger work you put into the RS as a DIO, I am supremely pleased to
promote you to the rank of Lieutenant General!

However, drinks are all on me, because apparently, Adm. Kaz Falcion,
RSXO (and the acting FC) has seen fit for whatever reason to promote me
to the rank of full General. Chances are he\'ll regret it and so will
the rest of you. But until then, I\'ve got a bigger paycheck, and the
RgF booze depot will reap the benefits of that.

V. Closing

Well...let\'s see. I\'d like to welcome a few old returning members of
the RgF back to their old squad, Rza. COL Bon Fel and CMDR Kem
Chrosid. Both are former Wing COs here and in other fleets. Other
than that, go fly Celestial Fury, look forward to 309, and submit some
stuff to Max for To the Squadrons. Also, the RgF Command Staff is
looking for ways that we can expand activity and recruiting in the RgF.
Our game is seven years old and really doesn\'t have any updates for
it. We\'re looking into ways to better use the XvT platform and add
some new activity. If you\'ve got any ideas, I encourage you strongly
to pass them along to us by e-mailing either me, Ent or Licah, or all
three of us together.

That\'s all, folks!

-General Sienn \"Morningstar\" Sconn
Renegade Fleet CO


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