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Ten Years of Rebel Squadrons (1994-2004)

By CMDR Rekstar Rukilian
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jun 26, 2004
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Greetings fellow officers of the Rebel Squadrons,

I am Captain Rekstar Rukilian, newly appointed curator of the Office of Historical Records. As such, I would like to announce, though belatedly, that this year is the Rebel Squadrons\' 10th anniversary. In ten long years, the fleet has grown from a small AOL-based gaming group to a vast one with membership numbering over 1000, including those in Reserve status.

The Office of Historical Records is beginning a new attempt to fully catalogue the history of the Rebel Squadrons from 1994 from various sources, including past Fleet Commanders and retired members. A great amount of information has already been made available on the OHR website (, but this information is only a fraction of the memories that have yet to be told.

Did you know?
-The Rebel Squadrons was once disbanded in early 1995 before being reborn several months later.
-General Snappleguy, our Internet Officer, joined the RS in 1996.
-The RS Bylaws have been overhauled at least twice.
-The concept of the ITOD was introduced in 1995 by then-Vice Admiral Super.

Come over the the OHR and relive the past of the Rebel Squadrons. See the old webpages of the former Crusader Fleet and the Minos Cluster Conflict command center. Find out what happened during Shikkie\'s Cadet Disaster and his past contributions to the Rebel Squadrons Newsletter. Read the comprehensive history of the legendary Wildcard Squadron and find out why the Rebel Squadrons has such rivalry with the Emperor\'s Hammer.

If you haven\'t come by the OHR this past week, you don\'t know what you are missing.

This magnificent celebration is not only for one day of the year, but it is a celebration for the entire year of 2004 and is for the entire membership of the Rebel Squadrons. Help preserve our past by submitting any articles or comments you may have that would improve the content of our records.

I hope you all have a pleasant summer and may the Force be with you.

Captain Rekstar Rukilian
Rebel Squadrons Historical Officer

Red 2 - Valor Wing - Patriot Battle Fleet


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