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IBG NL, July 2004

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jul 06, 2004
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IBG NL, July 2004


Here is the July NL for the IBG.

1. Staff news
2. ITOD 407
3. ITOD 408
4. MP activities
5. Medals and awards
6. Conclusion

1. Staff news

Due to an extremely busy RL on my part the last couple of weeks, things have slowed down a little. Don\'t worry thoguh, your staff is very much alive. This month we got a new squad staff in our ITOD Team, as 1LT Kyle Dineer was given the CO spot after Eric disappeared. As his XO we now have CMDR Reabel, so the ITOD team should be in the best hands :)

2. ITOD 407

With this mission we started on the last season of the current tour. With 34 reports we had 50% participation, which is ok, but not good. Thanks to all those that flew and reported! After six months of victory for CPT Richo, he had to see himself beaten this month. It was close, though; hadn\'t his fighter collapsed the last night, he\'d probably gotten this one as well. But such is life, and sometimes it\'s hard and unfriendly. In stead the list is topped by COL Han Suul, followed by 2LT Anton Nels. This was Han\'s last mission, and he ended it as he normally ended most missions he flew - by placing first. After many years of service in the RS and the IBG, he\'s declared that this will be his farewell mission. He will be missed.

As Han\'s done since he won his Platinum Wings, he\'s also this month declined to send in his screenshot. The Gold Wings therefore goes to 2LT Anton Nels. Congratulations, Lieutenant! Richo takes the Silver Wings, and Xtremegene takes the Bronze Wings! Well done, both of you. The final standings for the Top 5 is like this:

1. COL Han Suul 19 8,255 Dagger Squadron
2. 2LT Anton Nels 17 7,584 Phalcun Squadron
3. CPT Richo 10 7,559 Draco Squadron
4. BGN Xtremegene 12 6,085 Stinger Squadron
5. 1LT Kyle Dineer 6 5,930 Phalcun Squadron

Among the squadrons, Dagger once again came out on top, followed closely by Phalcun and Stinger. Well done, Daggers! Titan Wing again had to see Chiin\'Tal beat them, and I guess Daryus and his staff are rather busy working on new strategies to beat Ton\'s handfull of aces...

This is the squad standings:

1. Dagger Squadron 52 35,663 8
2. Phalcun Squadron 40 31,223 6
3. Stinger Squadron 36 21,156 4
4. Wildcard Squadron 32 20,054 6
5. Draco Squadron 24 17,477 5
6. NightWolf Squadron 15 15,362 5

We had five narratives this time, and if you haven\'t read them yet, hurry up and do so now. They\'re all worth it. Thanks to Cain, Anton, Sau, Ton, and Kyle for entertaining the rest of us! The mission report medals this time will go to Ton and Kyle, as their stories were both excellent reads that distiguished themselves with both humor and lots of funny details.

3. ITOD 408

The next mission is soon finished, so have patience a little longer. With the new Team staff in place, I hope we\'ll not have these delays on our future missions. Mission 407 ended just after the battle had started, so expect a lot more fighting in 408.

4. MP activities

The weekly battle on Saturdays, the Celestial Fury, is still going on. Reports says the there are few enemy pilots willing to fly XWA, but hopefully that will change. If you can\'t find anyone up for a match, then you can always fly for Domination League. There has been some errors on the DL page again, but Licah is looking into it, so I trust it will soon be ok again.
For the Starfighter Circuit League, I hereby declare it for open again. Even though the ladder dosen\'t work as it should, you can report, and then we\'ll manually keep track of the standings. The racing is fun, and quite different from the ususal 1vs1 matches in DL. Try it!

5. Medals and awards

Here we go, this months handing out of metal and stash.

2LT Anton Nels, for being the first pilot on the score board with a screenshot, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings. Congratulations! Superb flying out there.

CPT Richo, for being the second pilot on the score board with a screenshot, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings. Excellent flying as always, Richo.

BGN Xtremegene, for being the third pilot on the scoreboard with a screenshot, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings. Nice to see you back on the medals list, Xtreme!

Pilots of Dagger squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Commander\'s Golden Chalice for being the squadron with the highest percentage of participation on ITOD 407. Congratulations! The medal is awarded to those Daggers that reported on the mission.

The Mission Report Medal is hereby awarded to CMDR Ton Matty and 1LT Kyle Dineer. Well done!

Merit points are updated for all who flew.

6. Conclusion

As summer is fully upon us, I hope you all remember that there\'s a world outside where the sun is warm and there\'s lots of fun things to do. If you still want to spend the days in front of your computer, then what about playing around with AlliEd, making a mission for your squadmates? There\'s Merit points to win, and it\'s a good chance to have fun with your officers...

Whatever you decide to do - happy flying!

BGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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