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PBF Newsletter - PBF 5.10 "Rendevous"

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jul 14, 2004
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PBF Newsletter - PBF 5.10 "Rendevous"

CRS McGrath - Approaching Hyperpoint
Edge of the Anshife System
14:22 Ship Time

Colonel Vykk Tharen watched closely as the last crate of proton torpedoes was secured in the auxiliary armory. He'd never even seen this many torps in one place and the auxiliary armory only held the ones that wouldn't fit in the armory. He couldn't help but grin when he imagined the look he'd get from Spokes. Only an equal quantity of the good Corellian whiskey would get a more hearty welcome, but we are a long way from any shipping lanes. "Inform Captain Lawah as soon as these are secured. We need to get underway as soon as we can safely do so."

"Aye, Sir. I don't think the Captain will mind a short delay while we make sure these things can't bust loose." The non-com didn't even look up from tightening the straps around the last crate. "Twenty minutes, tops."

"Very good." Colonel Tharen turned and headed for his quarters as it dawned on him that he had no idea when he had last slept.

CRS Windstorm - En Route
Into the Yuen Lon System
14:53 Ship Time

The Admiral was in the launch bay as the Crew Chief ran the final checks on his shuttle, Teke's Hand. He had already given the Captain final instructions. With any luck at all, he'd be aboard the Valor before dinner. He couldn't remember who the cook was, but any change would be a good change after so long without resupply. Lt. Cre'shel stood next to him. She was having some difficulty masking her impatience. "Still in a hurry?" Spokes asked without preamble.

"A hurry? Not exactly, but, Sir, we were due to rendevous with the Valor an hour ago." Lt. Cre'shel took a breath and let it out slowly before continuing. "The later we arrive, the more likely we'll hyper into a firefight."

"True, but we haven't been dallying on our way. The Expanse has few shortcuts." Spokes didn't want to worry anyone, yet, but he had a feeling that his Aide was dead on this time. "We'll go to battle stations before returning to real space. There's nothing else we can do, so relax."

*Relax.* Lt. Cre'shel thought to herself. "Not likely." She said softly, knowing that theAdmiral would hear.

CRS Valor - Holding Steady
In the Yuen Lon System
14:53 Ship Time

"They're running late." Lt. Vocca, Tactical Officer for the Valor, said. It was not the first time he'd made the observation. Colonel Sunner was on the bridge to make certain that Captain Tauber was in the defensive position that she had requested during the briefing. He was, of course, and the Vengeance stood ready to flee or fight, whichever might be necessary, sitting almost atop the hyperpoint. Everything was ready. Everything had been ready. "They're running late." Lt. Vocca said again. She was certain that she was not the only one that wanted to throttle him for repeatedly announcing the obvious, but Captain Tauber had stated quite clearly that he wanted regular updates and it was his bridge. "We have incoming ... it's not the Windstorm...."

Colonel Sunner glanced at the screen. "Launch Red Squadron." *They're running late* echoed in her head.

Greetings All and Welcome to the much delayed NL. First, a few announcements:

The PBF XO and SO positions are now filled and I am pleased to announce that Colonel Han Suul will be serving as XO and Colonel Jan-lo Sunner will be serving as SO. Congratulations and Good Luck!

BGN Chris Earthkeeper has served well as PBF SO and as Acting PBF XO and I am awarding him with the Alliance Dagger in recognition of his hard work and assistance on behalf of the PBF.

The PBF still needs an IO. Anyone who has the skills to keep our site up to date and/or would like to design a new one needs to contact me as well.

PBF 5.09 Final Results:

------PBF Medal of Victory-----

The medal awarded for the best overall performance in the current PBF mission.

Shane Long

-----PBF Mission Report Medal-----

The medal awarded for the best written narrative for the current PBF mission.

Rekstar Rukilian

-----PBF Activity Medal-----
Given to each member of a squad that reported with 70% of its pilots for the current mission.


Red 70% - Red also takes Top Squadron, again. Nice work Red!


We dropped just below 50% this month, not counting Pilots marked as LOA or AWOL, so Squadron COs need to get folks flying or clear the deadwood.

PBF 5.10 "Rendevous" has been posted and Flying Reports are due Wednesday, August 4, 2004. Narratives are due Friday, August 6, 2004.

Fly Fast & Shoot Straight!!!

Rear Admiral Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran
PBF Commanding Officer

--Rebel Squadrons-- a H.I.E.R.* organization-
--(* Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)--


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