Rebel Squadrons

RF NL 3 Aug 2004

By RA Matt "Stallion" Williams
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Aug 03, 2004
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      Greetings members of Redemption Fleet!! It has been a long time since I sent a Fleet Newsletter out so I figured I would get on the ball and let you know what is going on upstairs. Activity generally has been EXCELLENT and I commend each and every one of you for helping break the record for membership in our fleet. We also, as of the time of this e-mail, have NOBODY listed as AWOL. Congratulations and keep up the work!

1. ALL DIVISION STAFF: Get those people off of the join roster ASAP or I will unleash Cable on you!


      Order 1: Lt. Colonel Borsk Kun, for outstanding service thus far as ABG CO I herby promote you to the rank of full Colonel. Congratulations, Colonel, and keep up the excellent work. I have not seen Allegiance this full and active in a long time.

      Order 2: Commander Reabelation, for serving with distinction as SWAT XO I herby award you the RF Excellence of Command medal. Congrats, and keep up the good work.

      Order 3: Division CO\'s, I haven\'t seen many promotions in the last few months, don\'t forget I am only directly going to promote Division CO\'s and my Fleet CS. You are responsible for your CS and your division.

      Order 4: Drinks on me in the # RS_Bar_and_Grill until midnight for members of RF. They doubled my paycheck ;) Have fun!

3.      The following are reports from all divison commanders (besides Ghost, who didn\'t get back to me...grrrr):

Major General Bethan \"Hammer\" Leitbur, Retribution Wing CO:

\"R2W Division Update: Given that I just took over, I\'m in the process of getting things in order the way I like them. I\'ve gained a new SO in LCM Max Cal, who has been diligently working on updating the R2W website. Besides that we have our current mission out and running, it being due on Saturday, and for now the plan is just to wrap up the rest of the tour and get onto the next one I\'ve been planning out. The ITOD is our only current event, and nothing big on recruiting that we haven\'t been trying for some time already.\"

Lt. Colonel Borsk Kun, Allegiance Wing CO:

\"Activity has slackened recently but this is more due to members taking vacations and having various schedules that make it hard to host a sim with enough people. New membership has been low, what members we\'ve gotten have not replied to emails or gone on IRC to contact us. This fall, I anticipate a more solid schedule as everyone goes back to school and have a more clear idea of when they are free. However this would probably not happen until the beginning of October due to many of the Command Staff entering college, including myself. Me and Randy Starkiller are currently working on a plan to make the membership more active in decisions regarding the skills and rules of simming. This would be beneficial since it would increase the potential of a more diverse simming experince.\"

Brigadier General Shane Long, STC XO:

\"Here is my report on the general activities of the STC.

Neutron Squad and Lightning Strike Squad (Rebellion) have been participating in single player missions and cutom designed scenarios. Neutron has also had a number attempts at head to head competion with a number of successes.

Eclispe Squad and Kessel Company (Galactic Battlegrounds) have been participating in weekly battle nighs. Their ranks have been filling with a number of cadets as of late. Burning Skies has been working on designing custom missions for use in gaming.

Bounty Hunters (monoply) has been running single player games, because in the words of COL Joshua Hawkins he is waiting on parts to setup a non-MS zone to allow for multi-player games.

In general the STC has been up and active playing sinle and multi-player matches on all games.\"

Commander Reabelation, SWAT XO:

SWAT has expanded enough to create a third squadron, Valkyrie. Let us all welcome our esteemed RSIO, General Snappleguy, as the Valkyrie CO. His comments: \"SWAT is expanding (or trying to) i am currently working on an advertisement campaign for recruitment, also we are toying with the idea of starting our own ITOD.\"

Keep on truckin\' ya\'ll, until next time,


Rear Admiral Matt \"Stallion\" Williams
Redemption Fleet Commanding Officer
Voting Member, High Command


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