Rebel Squadrons


By COL Aidyn Wolfwood
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Aug 03, 2004
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Well...this was bound to come, I knew it was inevitable. As of the 17th, school will begin, work will start, and I will be working on my writing with a new friend of mine.

As such...I am being forced to turn in my resignation, from CO of the RSCD. I will remain, however, as a normal member. The RSCD needs a leader with more time, and ability then what I have now.

I love this organization...I love this fleet. And nothing pains me more, than to leave it in the condition it currently is. However...I am pleased, to know that I have done my best, and a good majority of everyone agrees with that.

As per successor, after reviewing all the canidates, I have come to a selection to whom my reccomendation will fall. I have selected Lieutenant Commander Alextravia Grentarii, as my reccomendation for RSCD CO. I feel Alex is more than worthy, to take my shoes and lead this fleet. May god have mercy on your soul....

Corran - You have been my trusted right arm, all 7 months I have been CO. If not for you, many of the things we had done, would certainly have failed. Because of your service to me, as well as to this fleet, both now, and in times past, I hereby award you the RSCD Achevement Medal. You deserve it.

Blasts - Havent known you long, however, in the short time as my Second Officer, you have done a conciderable amount. You also have done what others could not, and got an entire squadron to reply to a check. As such, I hereby promote you to First Lieutenant. Congratulations.

Stalker - You have done good work as ROC CO, completely busting your rear in the position. Upon others reccomendations, as well as mine, I hereby award you the RSCD Achevement Medal. You too, deserve this.

Alex - This has been long overdue, but I\'ve saved it for this day. For your services as Katarns CO, even during times of hardship, and problem, you came though just as I expected, and got things going. This too, contributes to my reccomendation of you for CO. So..In recognition for your hard work and dedication, I hereby promote you to the rank of Commander. Congratulations, Commander Grentarii. \":)

Starbow - Upon recomendation of your peers, and others around you, and also for your exceptional posting, I promote you to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. You have made us proud, and I am proud to have you as a member of this fleet. \":)

Well..I think that about covers it. I am truly going to miss this position, as it brought me both joy, and happyness. I always worked for the members...and even though I wont be CO anymore, I will continue to do so even as a normal member.

It has been a true honor...serving with all of you. Both veterans, and cadets both. I thank you, for making my time as CO, an enjoyable one.

Lieutenant Colonel Aidyn Wolfwood
Former RSCD Commanding Officer


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