Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL, August 2004

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Aug 11, 2004
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IBG NL, August 2004


Here is this month\'s NL. You\'ll find:

1. Staff news
2. ITOD 408
3. ITOD 409
4. MP events
5. Medals and awards
6. Conclusion

So let\'s get to it.

1. Staff news

The last few weeks have been a bit more quiet than ususal. It\'s summer for most of us, and there\'s been quite a number of pilots LOA. Expect things to turn alive again over the next couple of weeks, as everyday life is returning.
There\'s been one important change recently. Kyle Dineer had to leave us, hopefully it\'s temporary. With him gone, Reab has taken over as ITOD Team CO. This change came just as we were beginning to work with the storyline for the next tour, and things are a bit in a mess right now. I fully trust that we\'ll be back up and running in time for the next tour, though, so no need to worry yet :)

2. ITOD 408

The battle for our base is over, and we survived. What a surprise...Anyway, there were a lot of good flying this month, and it\'s fun reading the scoreboard and see how different strategies the squadrons used. We had a total of 25 reports. Thank you to all that flew! But - 25 out of 67 pilots flying isn\'t good enough. Of course a number of pilots were LOA, but still this is too low. Expect the squad CO\'s to be thougher on those who time after time fail to report. Having to ask a pilot again and again to report, and then get no result, is very frustrating, and not fun for the poor squad CO\'s. I will discuss this with the extended staff, and see what we can and will do.

Anyway, we were back to normal this month, with Richo winning the Gold Wings. Congratulations, Richo, that score was impressive! In second place we this time find a pilot who wins his first individual ITOD medal; 2LT Alexander from Dagger gets the Silver Wings. You fought well, and I think you even surprised your fellow Daggers a bit. Good work! The Bronze Wings goes to Spokes again this month. It\'s very fun to see you keep it going month after month, Spokes, and I find it to be a great inspiration to see such a dedication.

After several months with plenty of narratives, we this time had only one. That one was well worth reading, though, so the Mission Report Medal is well earned. Congratulations with this medal as well, 2LT Alexander!

Even though some squads really put up a fight, the Daggers were once again unstopable. Dagger won the mission, with Draco following second. Good job, pilots. The fight for the third place was hard, but the veterans and aces in Stinger took it home.
In addition to having the highest score, Dagger also had the highest reporting percentage. The Commander\'s Golden Chalice will be awarded to the Daggers that reported. Congratulations!

This was the final standings:

Top 5 pilots:
1. CPT Richo 43 21,589 Draco Squadron Completed
2. 2LT Alexander 8 17,810 Dagger Squadron Completed
3. RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran 5 17,726 Dagger Squadron Completed
4. CMDR Rakiki 4 12,039 Phalcun Squadron Completed
5. CMDR Kresa Rei\'de 10 11,885 Dagger Squadron Completed

Squad standings:
1. Dagger Squadron 44 83,573 8
2. Draco Squadron 92 51,155 5
3. Stinger Squadron 77 36,046 4
4. Phalcun Squadron 50 33,398 3
5. Wildcard Squadron 43 32,014 4
6. NightWolf Squadron 2 3,190 1

3. ITOD 409

This mission is out for testing, and will need a bit more work before it\'s ready. I\'m very sorry for the delay; this is also partly due to the change in command in the ITOD Team. Expect it out soon, though.

4. Multiplayer events

There\'s been little activity in Domination League recently, but I guess that has something to do with the summer. Don\'t forget the there\'s merits to win and medals to fight for. Remember that a LIC round is only two weeks, so this is a nice way to make yourself climb on the merit ranking ;)
I have some nice news this month. We\'ve been contacted by another club, the Imperial Navy. They asked if we were interested in going up against them in a big MP battle. I\'ve said yes, and we\'re now planning how to get this going. More information will follow. I think this can be fun, as it\'s something different from the usual MP events. It will probably take place one night, with a given skirmish setup, involving ships and fighters from both fleet. It\'ll be possible to go 2vs2 or higher, as well as the standard 1vs1. I suggest the Requiem pilots start planning for this, by flying training missions being each other wingmen. As I plan to take part in the battle myself, I hope many of you will show up, to make good the losses I always take home, hehe.
One more thing, even though it\'s not MP, or not yet. We\'ve been contacted by a german club as well, Neues Imperium (The new empire). They asked if we were interested in having a singleplayer competition. I\'ve told them we\'ll discuss it in the staff, so no more information is available right now. It might be interesting, though, to see how we comes along if we for a change worked as a club, and flew together, not against each other as we use to. Any ideas or opinions are welcome.

5. Medals and awards

CPT Richo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for your victory in mission 408. One more to go for your second PW, Richo :)

2LT Alexander, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for placing second on ITOD 408. Keep it up, Lieutenant!

RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for placing third on ITOD 408. I\'ve ordered one more locker to be made ready for your expanding medal collection.

2LT Alexander, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal for your narrative on mission 408. Thanks for sharing the fun with us.

Pilots of Dagger squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Commander\'s Golden Chalice for having the highest reporting percentage on mission 408. It\'s impressive to see a squadron managing to come up with so many reports month after month.

Merits have been updated and medals awarded.

6. Conclusion

A summer is soon over (or a winter, for those down under). We stand before a new autumn, with long dark nights and plenty of time for flying. We have a steady flow of new cadets coming in, and I find that we have an exciting mix of noobies and vets. We even see a few vets returning now and then, the latest two being Castin and Gagra.
Remember that we\'re together in this, and that each of us have his or her share in the making of the fun. Keep in mind - always - that this is for fun. If you don\'t have the fun you want, then say so, and we\'ll work together to change it. Spend some time online in our chatroom, and keep in touch with your friends. Share a joke or ask how things are going for your squadmates. Send your squad CO a few nice words and give him or her some encouragement. Take part, and the fun is there - it\'s simple as that.

Finally, I\'d like, on behalf of the IBG, to congratulate Licah with his new job as the RS Chief of Staff. This is a key position in the club, and I wish you all the best in your new position, Licah.

That\'s all for now, pilots.

BGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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