Rebel Squadrons


By LCL Michael Morone
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Aug 15, 2004
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Well, many more changes have occured. There is one in itself I am glad to see, we are getting back old members.

Now, for the regular stuff.


RA Boid Reeves was given the legion of merit for the 18th time. Hey Gambit, made a suit of armor out of those medals yet?




Yeah, I saved this till last, like there was much before it.

Force Wars will be making a reappearence read that right. Gambit has been working on it and has got the old site mostly working, now with a few renovations it should be full opperating shortly.

Tied in with that is this...a wing vs. wing competition which the details of which are currently classified. But you will see the Katarns involved as well I bet.

Now, as you look at that you are probably wondering what is going on. Well guys, its an official ITOD similiar to what Kaz ran. This is a blending of Force Wars, Kaz\'s old ITOD, and my own ideas. I believe it will be a lot of fun...I am getting the games now so I myself can get into it...

Now then....the other announcement, we have missions out, but we havent had nearly enough people review it, so as of now, there is an official roll call out. report in to your WING CO\'s as well as your squad CO\'s, Avatar, report in to Reabel

Stalker is doing an excellent job with the ROC, anyone who wants to be an instructor E-mail him.

Good Luck, and May the Force be with You.

1st Lt Michael \"Blasts\" Morone


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