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RgF NL, 9/8/04

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Sep 08, 2004
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Renegade Fleet Newsletter
Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Greetings Renegade Fleet pilots! I realize that there has been a lack of communication about and from the RgF leadership recently.
As the only remaining member of the Command Staff, I hereby assume command of the fleet in an Acting capacity until a permanent
replacement is appointed.

Why must I do this? If you didn\'t catch it in the Fleet Commander\'s notice a couple of weeks ago, our Executive Officer, Javin
\"Entropy\" Ke\'ylle, has resigned from his position, continuing to fly as Jedi 7. Also, as you will recall, the Commanding Officer,
Sienn Sconn, resigned a few weeks ago. This leaves me as the only member of the Command Staff, and so I will lead this fleet for
the time being.

Entropy, thank you for all of your service to the Renegade Fleet; it was certainly interesting working with you. For your
maintaining reports and merits for over a year, as well as many other things, the RgF will remember your service.

As acting CO, I am appointing two people to serve with me. Your new acting Executive Officer is Lt. Col. Phil Darkfire, currently
our Undergrad CO and also Scorpion CO. He has served very well at both of those positions, and will be retaining them. Your new
acting Second Officer is CMDR Rekio Corsair, who has served on the Guardian Wing CS for some now.

We have two open Wing CO positions. At this time, I am placing myself as Defense Operations CO, and Rekio as Guardian CO. Each
wing will strive to see which will reign triumphant over the others.

Now to the fun stuff - flying!

RgF 3.10 (Single-player)
Due: September 30, 2004
Made by: MGN Leonard Cable, Resurrection CO

Current leader: LCM Dyl\'jo\'ban, Resurrection Squadron, 22,590 points
Current top squadron: Resurrection Squadron

RFI (Multi-player)
Coming soon! RFI is a competition in which you can fly multiplayer at any time, night or day, have fun, and be rewarded for it!
A separate e-mail with rules will be sent out soon.

Look for the beginning of RFI, and fly RgF 3.10!

Lt. Gen. Licah Fox
Acting Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer


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