Rebel Squadrons

The end of ITOD 4

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Oct 06, 2004
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Himm took one last look at his datapad, making sure it was the right one. In his absence, his excellent XO Jon had installed varius applications on the staff datapads, and not all of them were stuff Himm wanted the anyone to see. He didn\'t even want to see all of them himself. Aside from the datapads, his office was ok. Or so it seemed, at least. Jon claimed he\'d lost a key to one of the drawers, but Himm couldn\'t help wonder what those colored drops leaking out were. He\'d decided not to press Jon on the issue, though.

A few minutes later Himm entered the main hangar aboard the Rebel Fist. The hangar had been cleaned up, and for the moment looked more like a big banquet hall than a cap ship hangar. Close to the hangar\'s opening there was a simple scene, raised a bit from the floor. Himm entered the scene, and looked out over the pilots gathered. Along the walls one fighter from each squadron stood on display, polished and shiny. In front of the fighters stood representatives for the tech crews, along with most of the staff officer\'s from the IBG\'s cap ships. In the middle and right in front of the scene, were the pilots. Himm looked out over the assembly. He felt his heart pound a bit faster, and he had to swallow a couple of time. He felt so proud. And at the same time very humble. \"These pilots...\" he thought, and then decided to start talking before the feelings made that too hard.


The results from the last mission is known, and Jon handed out the individual medals in the last IBG NL. However, there\'s a few medals more to hand out, as that mission was the last mission in the season, and the last mission in the tour as well. This mean there\'s quite a number of medals to be awarded, so let\'s get to it.

We\'ll start with the medals for 4.09 and the season awards. First, there is one more medal for mission 4.09; the Commander\'s Golden Chalice. Pilots of Dagger, once more you\'ve won this medal, by having the highest percentage of reporting pilots in a mission. Congratulations!

Then, the two season awards, the Killboard Cup and the Elite Squadron of the Season medals.
The Killboard Cup for the missions 4.07, 4.08, and 4.09 goes to Draco. Excellent shooting, pilots!
The Elite Squadron of the Season medal goes to Dagger. The high number of reports on every mission pays off, and the medal is well deserved.
Both these medals will be awarded to those pilots who reported in on one ore more of the three missions of the season.\"

Himm stopped, and consultet his datapad again. He called for the next file, the one containing the Tour awards. Accidentally, he touched a wrong key, and in stead of the medla list, the screen flashed a colorful picture. It looked like a magazine front page. Himm\'s eyes grew wide. \"Space Hustler? Featuring Mon Mo...Hey! This is wrong!\" Himm struggled not to shout for 1Lt Tallon right away. He lifted his eyes, and sought out the Lieutenant among the Wildcard pilots. 1Lt Tallon looked completely innocent. Himm sighed, and entered the command again, carefull not to mistype this time. His document appeard. He cleared his throat and continued.

\"With 4.09 our fourth Tour of Duty came to an end. Many pilots flew hard and fought well, but there is one pilot standing out, and you all know who I\'m thinking of. Major Richo, please step forward. You have showed superior flying skills, and a remarkable fighting spirit throughout this whole operation. With 8 victories on 9 missions, you have proved yourself to be among the absolutely best pilots, not only in the IBG, but in the Rebel Squadrons. As far as I know, nobody has ever done something like this before. It is a great pleasure for me to give you the Tour Champion Award for your accomplishments during ITOD 4. Congratulations! Wear your medal with pride and humbleness.\"

Himm motioned for Major Richo to step up onto the scene. As he fastened the medal to the Majors uniform, the other pilots raised from their seats, and the hangar was filled with applause and cheers.

When Major Richo had found his chair, Himm called for silence.

\"Then we go on to the remaining medals. A number of pilots have reported in on every mission, or almost every mission, in a timely manner, and have showed a faithfulness that is exemplary. For this they will received the Dantooine Key. The names are as follows:
Richo, Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, Chris Horn \"Kicks\", Kresa Reide, Licah Fox, James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson, Ton Matty, Xtremegene, Dev Azzameen, Brigateen Dolaree, Djapana Wor\'nod, Phil Darkfire, Reabel, Javin \"Entropy\" Ke\'ylle, Daryus Zalyn\'Cya, Red Bandit, Rakiki, Max Tallon, Raistlin Majere, Jon Anchorage, and jmcgoo.\"

As he read the names, the pilots stepped forward and formed a line in front of the scene. Himm saluted each one as he gave them their medals, then returned to the podium.

\"Please remain where you are; there is more coming. For the pilots who reported on 33% or more of the mission, I\'m proud to award the Dauntless Combat Citation. In addition to those already standing here, the following pilots will get this medal:
Kyle Dineer, Anton Nels, Han Suul, Alexander, Ric Gravin, Daron Lochek, Jagged halcyon, Cole Landfarer, and Morrigan Der Krieger. Please come forward.\"

A new round of salutes and handshakes followed. When it was done, Himm called for the next file on his datapad, this time using voice command to call up the document in question.

\"Commander James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson, it\'s my pleasure to award you the Excellency of Duty medal. You have taken upon you the responsibility to lead not only the Wildcards, but also Phalcun in a time of crisis. I know this has given you more than your share of work and stress. Thank you for your will to serve the IBG!

Lieutenant Commander Djapana Wor\'nod, it\'s my pleasure to award you the Unit Commander\'s Commendation. You have lead your squadron throughout this whole Tour in way that is an example for others. Even though you\'ve been short on flying pilots, Draco has put up a fight on every mission. You\'ve stayed in contact with your pilots all the time, encouraging them to do their best. Thank you for your great work!

Pilots of Dagger squadron, I hereby award you the Unit Commendation for the outstanding results on ITOD 4. The final standings speaks for themselves. This is Dagger\'s third Tour victory, and it\'s fun to see a group of pilots sticking together for so long, and fighting so well for each other. Well done!\"

Himm paused a second before he continued.

\"During this Tour, and after it ended, some pilots have left our ranks. I will not mention names, except for one. Lieutenant General Javin \"Entropy\" Ke\'ylle, please step forward. Ent, you have now resigned from the IBG, but you will not be forgotten. You have reported on 38 missions; every mission since you joined the IBG. You have been present in #IBG more than anyone else as far as I know, giving us plenty of unforgetable memories. I soon learned after I joined to listen when you voiced an opinion in a matter up for discussion, either in the channel or on the meassage boards. I also want to thank you for your help and your advices whenever I asked you. Much could be said, but I\'ll let it be with this. For your service in the IBG, I have the pleasure to award you the IBG Cross of Excellence.\"

When Himm had finished, he nodded to his XO. Jon stepped up onto the scene, and got the microphone.

\"One more pilot is to be mentioned. He is also retired now, but his service in the IBG deserve to be mentioned. Brigadier General Chris Horn \"Kicks\", I hereby award you the IBG XO\'s Medal Of Excellence. Throughout your time in the IBG, you kept a high level of activity. First in Wildcard, then in Dagger. One of the best pilots the IBG has ever seen, you were a great inspiration to others. You will be missed, not least among your squadmates in Dagger.\"

Jon stepped down. Himm entered the podium again.

\"Well, that pretty much is it. I know there are pilots we could have mentioned. I want you all to know that your efforts doesn\'t go unnoticed. Thank to each one of you for your contribution to make the IBG into what it is.\" Himm smiled before he continued. \"And now, let\'s celebrate! The facilities aboard the Rebel Fist is open tonight, and everything is free. Enjoy!\"

Himm watched as the crews left the hangar, then tucked his datapad into a pocket and followed them out.


I hope I\'ve not forgotten anything or anyone; if so, please let me know right away.



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