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RgF NL, 10/8/04

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Oct 08, 2004
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Renegade Fleet Newsletter
Friday, October 8, 2004

Greetings! RgF 3.10 is now over and we had a decent turnout. The Command Staff is fairly settled in by now, so things should be running quite smoothly. Our next mission, RgF 3.11, is out, and I encourage everyone to fly it.

RgF 3.10 Results
By the numbers: 30 reports (23 flying) out of 47 pilots.

This is a decent turnout, but I\'d like to see more people flying. If people in your squadron are quiet, or not flying, nudge them and see if you can help them to fly.

Top Ace: LCM Dyl\'jo\'ban, Resurrection Squadron, wins his second consecutive Top Ace award with an impressive score on Hard. Congratulations, Dyl!
Top Squadron: Resurrection, led by Dyl, easily wins this mission.
Top Wing: Scorpion, on the strength of Rza\'s performance, wins this award.

Congratulations to everyone who flew; all flying reports will earn 5 merit points, including the failures on easy, due to the error in the mission. Zero reports will earn you 2 merit points.

The Mission Report Medal goes to 2nd Lt. Hec Losame, for a detailed, engrossing narrative. Though the text was presented in large paragraph portions, the content was interesting.

A close runner up for the MRM goes to Adam Fene, for an engaging perspective, and to Dyl\'jo\'ban, whose prose had great detail. Also, David \"Tenacious D\" wrote a good, amusing narrative. Thank you to each of you for your narrative.

This concludes RgF 3.10. Merits will be awarded shortly to all pilots who reported; additional merits and medals will be awarded to those specific people mentioned above.

RgF 3.11 (Single-player)
Due: October 31, 2004
Made by: MGN Leonard Cable, Resurrection CO

This mission is quite fun. I highly recommend first playing it on Easy, on which you can get a mission complete and a decent score on your first run, if you can avoid the asteroids lying around. More adventurous pilots can then tackle Medium and Hard.

Note that ZEROS ARE ACCEPTED as reports. This is a policy that hasn\'t been in effect for quite a long time. To submit a zero, simply visit the reporter page, , fill in your name, squadron, and e-mail address, and upload an image that fits the requirements. If your image is not an XvT screenshot, we\'ll assume you wish to file a zero report.

The new accepting-zeros policy means that everyone should be able to submit a report by three weeks from now, as it can take less than a minute to take care of a zero.

I\'d like to announce that RA Adam \"Stump\" Fene is the new Guardian Wing XO, and COL Cay-Qel \"Pyro\" Jade is the new DOW XO. Stump has also taken over Dragon Squadron, who put forth an impressive showing on RgF 3.10, with only one pilot not submitting a report.

LCM Dyl\'jo\'ban has taken over Phantom Squadron and we will soon be calling for interested members to play some cool Balance of Power missions.

And finally, I\'ve updated the RgF site to a large extent. You can find the site, as always, at . If you\'d like to put in a word about your unit on the \"Wings & Squadrons\" page, just send me an e-mail with what you\'d like it to say.

RgF 3.11 is out. Get to your ships!

Lt. Gen. Licah Fox
Acting Renegade Fleet Commanding Officer


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