Rebel Squadrons


By LCL Michael Morone
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Oct 20, 2004
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Yeah, its a Newsletter...from the CO, amusing right?

Okay, as you may have noted, Paladin is now empty. Everyone has been moved into Knight. I am also not calling that a wing, its now a platoon, sounds better to a Marine like me. Also, all Cadets who have passed ROC have been promoted, congradulations.

Some Medals went out as well, and new medals are being formed, more on this in the next Newsletter.

I know some of you feel that you have lost CS positions from your Wing or Squad cause you got bumped down, Im sorry to do that, however, its something I had to do. Paladin for now will remain largely Empty until I feel we have the need to open it back up, which means enough people to have 2 half squads. That also means filling a THIRD squad in Knight, now you see where some of you may have the oppurtunity to get your positions back. This all will reflect on recruiting.

Dark Forces reviewers, I have removed you from the Katarns, Katarns is the future home of Republic Commando, congradulations. This means that yes you no longer have the honor of calling yourselves Katarns, you will however still be reviewing dark forces levels. I moved you because Alex and I both agreed that it was for the best.

Now then, on to the two competitions that are starting.

1st off is the motto. As you know we have an official motto, but it is not uncommon for groups to have a second motto. Take the USMC for example, they have Semper Fidelis or Semper Fi for short, and then they have the \"core values\" such as Honor, Courage, and Commitment. They are also known for the rather unglorified slang motto of \"When it absolutely has to be destroyed overnight...\" Being a Marine Recruit I take both pleasure and displeasure in that motto. Anyways, I want recommendations for a new motto to go to the Wing CO\'s, XO\'s, and all fleet staff. We will then review them and cast votes on which one is the best. This competition will run through the end of November.

The 2nd One which hasn\'t officially begun just yet is a writing competition we are having to kick off fleetwide writing we are going to have. Basicly, for now, I want you thinking about what your character is, your characters story of past present and future, soon Ill announce the full blown writing competition and what I want to be seeing in my mailbox. Alex Grentarii will be heading up that as our resident writer. Me and Corran will review what he believes to be the best 10 (hopefully we will get that many, I plan on seeing many more then that, lets keep the Fleet SO busy shall we...) and we shall cast votes. More on how the elimination process will come later.

We are currently fighting to get Battlefront, it looks like we may get it, and as soon as I know something for sure Ill let all of you know.

I apoligize if this letter seems informal a bit, however, Im trying to take a new laidback approach to everything since its all coming together. BTW, to all fleet members, if you need to get ahold of me, even if its just to say hi, my AIM name is MichaelMorone86, my e-mails are michaelmorone86@yahoo or Do not be afraid to send me a message somehow someway about anything. If its personal even, I dont mind listening in if you just need to unload, believe me, I do it a lot for my friends, which I consider every member to be a friend. If you have an idea about the RSCD, I want to hear that, I mean literally anything you want to e-mail me about, Ill take a look at it. If your having a problem with your CO or someone in the fleet, tell me, Ill help get it resolved. If the problem is with me and you dont feel comfortable saying something to me directly (which I promise I dont mind, Ask the Fleet CO or SO or the Katarns Platoon XO, all three will tell you I handle critcism very well, but if you dont feel comfortable, ask Corran or Alex to listen in.

I think that covers everything.

Michael Morone


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