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IO NF, 10/27/04

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
RSNL Article, Oct 27, 2004
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Internet Office News Flash
Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Greetings again. I\'ve decided to create an Internet Office News Flash, because the Internet Office is constantly at work and many people might not keep up with all the changes. So, this news flash will be released every so often, by either Snappleguy or myself, and will detail changes made to the site since the previous news flash.

Here are the recent major developments with

- Gallery
The gallery is back up! Unfortunately, the \"submit picture\" function still does not work, but hopefully it will soon. The neat thing about the gallery now is that it uses our search function when you ask it for a picture. For example, turns up a picture of Nefo T\'chir. You can also use the format /gallery/searchkey/picnumber, such as, to specify a particular picture.

- Command
A new command site has been launched. This is intended to just have brief descriptions of each officer who holds a high-level command position, with a link to their office\'s website for more information. Hopefully, this will make it easier for the casual browser to our website to easily find a leader that they\'re looking for.

- Main Site Nav Bars
The nav bars have been altered slightly, with a few links added, moved, changed, and removed. Just as a reminder, you can add your own personal nav bar links using our nav editing tool. We also realize that the nav bars seem a bit cluttered right now, especially the \"Information\" section, and are working to cut down on the number of links and make the site easier to use. Also, we hope to make the categories movable soon, so you would be able to customize where links appear on the nav bar. Finally, the search bar was added to all designs, and an \"advanced search\" link was added.

- Main Page
A few cosmetic changes occurred on the main page, such as dates/times being added to a few features, and making the links clearer. We also have plans to do quite a few other things on this page, such as the ability to customize the \"recent\" lists you want to display.

- Sidebars
A few pages now have sidebars - check out Chat, Gallery, or ICTE for an example. This should allow navigation while still keeping the regular nav links present.

- Menus
Your menu should now look completely different, especially if you have a lot of options. Snappleguy rewrote the menu to be divided into clear categories and subcategories, and while it might take a little while to get used to, it should be much faster and easier to use.

- X-Wing
A collection of pages dedicated to the game X-Wing is now online, and more content will be added soon. We hope someday to be able to present the largest, best collection of resources for X-Wing on the Internet.

- RSS Newsfeed
Available from the main page or here, this is an easy way to keep up on the latest Rebel Squadrons news. For more information, read the forum post about RSS.

- Starfighters and Uniforms
A problem recently occurred with starfighters and uniforms, but these should all be fixed now.

- Design converting
A few pages were converted to be able to use any design, rather than being locked into the Roster Database design. The goal is for the entire site to be converted in this way.

- Upcoming projects
The Planets Database is being converted to PHP, and a new welcome system is being created so new cadets can feel right at ease as soon as they join.

That concludes the update from the Internet Office. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please contact myself or Snappleguy; we\'ll be happy to help.

Lt. Gen. Licah Fox
RS Chief of Staff


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