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IBG NL November 2004

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Nov 14, 2004
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IBG NL November 2004


A bit later than usual this month, but here is finally the monthly NL. You will find:

1. ITOD 501
2. ITOD 502
3. Staff News
4. Things going on
5. Medals and awards
6. Conclusion

Let\'s get to it.

1. ITOD 501

The first mission on our new tour is over. We had 24 reports in, and that\'s almost 50% of our active pilots, not counting the cadets. I\'d like to see the number of reports reach about 75%, though. Flying is what we\'re here for, after all.
Anyway, thanks to those who flew and reported. Well done! The fight for the top was hard, and I know some pilots had quite a number of runs trying to make it all to the top. Between the squadrons, Draco and Phalcun was close in the fight for the place as second best. Dagger had twice the number of reports than any of the other squads, and took the victory home easily. Dagger also won (as ususal) the medal for having the highest percentage of reporting pilots.
Now, following an old tradition in the IBG, the IBG CO won\'t get the Gold Wing should he or she be on top of the scoreboard when the mission ends. So I\'m pleased to congratulate 1LT Anton Nels with the GW, his second! Half way to that Platinum Wing, Anton. He was followed by Vason who won his first individual ITOD medal, and Spokes, who took home his Bronze Wing number 10! Nice job, all three of you :)

The final standings for the Top 5 is:

Pilot, Kills, Points, Squadron
1. BGN Himm El-Syna, 22, 11,086, Dagger Squadron
2. 1LT Anton Nels, 22, 10,802, Phalcun Squadron
3. 2LT Vason Senmic, 22, 10,749, Wildcard Squadron
4. RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, 22, 10,488, Dagger Squadron
5. BGN Mystic Warrior, 22, 10,417, NightWolf Squadron

The standings for the squadrons:

Place, Squadron, Kills, Points, Reports
1. Dagger Squadron, 100, 55,596, 8
2. Phalcun Squadron, 52, 30,316, 4
3. Draco Squadron, 44, 26,783, 4
4. Wildcard Squadron, 24, 12,902, 3
5. NightWolf Squadron, 22, 12,743, 3
6. Stinger Squadron, 0, 0, 2

We had several narratives this month. As you\'ll have seen on the ITOD board, we tried something new this time, by making a poll so that all could vote for the story they liked the most. 11 pilots have voted, and Djapana came out the winner. So, the Mission Report Medal goes to him. It will be exciting to follow Djapana\'s story as it goes on for the coming missions. Thanks to all of you who wrote a story for the rest of us to enjoy!
The variation with the poll will probably be made for 502 as well. I\'ll put the poll up once the mission is over. If this is how it\'s going to be in the future, we\'ll have to talk over in the staff, but some kind of voting will most likely take place.

Merits have been updated for ITOD 501. Thanks to Alex for making the mission.

2. ITOD 502

Mission 502 has been out for a week now. If you haven\'t tried it yet, run over to the ITOD files page and grab it. It\'s quite different from 501, and there\'s lot of chances to be shot to pieces, hehe. Good luck, and I hope to see much co-operation in the squads for this one. The mission is due 3 December at midnight.

3. Staff news

During the last month, we\'ve made one change in the IBG staff, as Mystic replaced Jag as our IO. You can see a lot of changes on our web pages already. Aside from that, I don\'t expect any changes in the staff in the near future.
As some of you have noticed, there\'s a number of command positions open in the IBG. You can of course apply, but those positions I want to fill, I\'ll notify you about.

I also want ot bring to your attention that there might be some changes in the fleet sometime this winter. HC is discussing the future organisation of the RS, and that may lead to changes. There\'s no need to worry, though, if things changes, they\'ll do so in a way that will be very exciting. Sorry for not having more details; as soon as HC has it\'s suggestions ready, you\'ll be told.

4. Things going on

I want to thank those showing up on IRC in #IBG more or less frequently. We regained ownership of the channel a few weeks back, and there\'s normally a few IBG\'ers around. Sometimes it\'s even a bit crowded in there, and that\'s fun! So, if you\'re among those seldom online, try giving it a chance. Just jump in and say \"hi\", and don\'t give up if no one answers right away. Sooner or later people come back from their \"AFK\", \"EAT\", \"SCHOOL\", \"SLEEP\", or other more or less dubious activities.

Our multiplayer activities are always open. The Leagues of Interpersonal Competition are ready for you, and there\'s medals and merits to be won. Flying against each other, or together against the comp is fun, and a nice way to get to know your fellow pilots. And remember, the only way in here to make things happen, is by taking part.

As you might have noticed on the message boards, we have created a special unit named the Krayt Dragon Strike Group. This is a GUN unit, under the command of 2LT Jan \"Black Sun\" Corbin. This unit will fly special missions. The missions will be published as they\'re made, and reporting will be awarded.

Over the last year, there\'s been an increase in the narratives accompanying the ITOD reports. To further encourage the writings, I\'ve decided to start awarding merit points for non-ITOD stories as well. You can post your writings on the ITOD board. If some of you come up with longer stories, complete or in chapters, there might be a chance that we \"collect\" them on a page of their own.

5. Medals and awards

1LT Anton Nels, I hereby award you the IBG Gold Wings for your flying on mission 501. Congratulations! Will you be the second Phalcun to bring home the Platinum Wings?

2LT Vason Senmic, I hereby award you the IBG Silver Wings for your flying on mission 501. Well done! I hope this first ITOD medal gives you the taste for more of the same.

RA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, I hereby award you the IBG Bronze Wings for your flying on mission 501. You\'re just fabolous :)

CMDR Djapana Wor\'nod, I hereby award you the IBG Mission Report Medal for your narrative on mission 501. Keep it up, we\'re eagerly awaiting the next part!

Pilots of Dagger squadron, I hereby award you the Commander\'s Golden Chalice for being the squadron with the highest number of pilots reporting on mission 501. Congratulations!

Medals have been awarded and merits updated.

6. Conclusion

As we\'re in mid-November now, I know a lot of you pilots have exams coming up over the next few weeks. I wish you good luck with the preparations. For the old ones among us, who\'ve long since passed the period in life where the future is anything after the next exam, I hope you enjoy the dark autumn evenings, and find time to fly a bit or drop in to #IBG every now and then.

Happy flying to you all!

Dagger 4


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