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Renegade Fleet NL

By GEN Phil DarkFire
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Nov 14, 2004
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Renegade Fleet NL (14/11/04)

Morning pilots! This is my first Fleet-wide NL so I\'ll start by apologising to the Scorpion pilots who will now be getting two emails from me!. RgF311 has come and gone and the results for the Fleet are as follows:

RgF311 Results:

25 reports were submitted with 24 pilots flying out of 42 which is a 57% turnout. I\'m pleased to see activity from more than half the Fleet and would like to see this go up next mission about 60% which is easily achievable.

Top Ace: This was a very close call with 3 pilots posting some impressive scores over 100k, with Spokes coming out on top with a score of 124,048. This was only about 800 points ahead of Rekio with JC coming in third.

Top Squadron: Assisted by Spokes high score and an impressive turnout of 75% of the pilots the Top Squadron position was taken by Twilight! It was a shame to see Rza\'s domination broken (no bias here :P) but congratulations to all the pilots.

Top Wing: Guardian Wing had an impressive turnout to take Top Wing this mission with Scorpion slipping to second while DOW came third.

The Fleet merits have all been updated for those that participated and medals awarded. Also just a reminder that pilots are still able to report a 0 score for a mission if due to unforeseen circumstances they are unable to fly. Written narratives are also acceptable. With one mission left in this current tour there is still time for the overall positions at the Pilot / Squad / Wing levels to be affected so lets see a good turnout on the next mission!

Other Medals:

1. Firstly front and centre MGN Cable! For your continued dedication and excellence in producing missions for the current RgF Tour Of Duty and all the effort and time it takes to do so I award you the Excellency of Duty medal.

2. This second medal is something i didn\'t think i would see being awarded when i laid down this challenge on the RgF Forums! Firstly I\'d like to welcome 2Lt Carlos to the Fleet having recently graduated from the UG, but also to commend him on flying the infamous RgF102.tie mission (which in November of 2002 BGN Topachea Nabbirie scored over 1 million points). Carlos has flown this mission and achieved a score of 1142750! For this impressive achievement I award you the RgF Topachea Nabbirie Award.


I\'d just like to congratulate Cpt Rahvin on his promotion to Maj, and 2Lt Hec Losame\'s promotion to 1Lt!


Some of you may or may not be aware of changes to the RS being discussed. This has implications for all the Fleets. At this time there have been no definite decisions made, but as soon as the Fleet CS hear anything we will keep you updated.

Also we are trying to find ways to make things more fun for those that enjoy flying. I know some people would like to see a return to MP missions and this is being looked at. If anyone has any ideas or wants to get involved in promoting activity then please contact any of the CS through the normal channels. If people do fly old missions and want to send me screen-shots then i will award Fleet merits for their efforts.

Well thats all for now, hopefully RgF312 will be released soon so safe flying to all!

LCL Phil DarkFire


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