Rebel Squadrons

RgF NL Addendum

By FA Licah Fox
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Nov 14, 2004
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Greetings pilots,

I\'d like to say thank you to our Executive Officer, Phil DarkFire, for writing this month\'s major newsletter. As you may recall, I\'m not planning on remaining RgF CO for a long time, and Phil is preparing to take over from me sometime in the next couple months. We\'re working together to ensure that this transition will be as smooth and easy as possible, and he will be handling items such as the newsletter.

I want to share with you that a committee from High Command, with most of the work done by myself, is preparing a new and exciting proposal for the future of the Rebel Squadrons. Soon, we\'ll be ready to share it with you, and we\'d like your opinions when that happens. It will affect everyone, and you\'ll have plenty of chance to say what you think about it.

We will release the new mission (RgF 3.12) just as soon as MGN Leonard Cable finishes making it. Feel free to e-mail him if you want to fly! His e-mail is sly at likeafox dot net . This will be the last mission in Tour 3.

And now for the good stuff...

As CO, I\'ve been assisted greatly by a couple of able men. I now want to recognize these two for their contributions and accomplishments.

Rekio Corsair. You have taken your wing to a resounding victory on RgF 3.11, and strive to come up with ways to improve the Rebel Squadrons, including a reworked Order of Battle and Medals system. You\'ve provided critical input on a number of matters vital to the RgF and the RS, and have done so consistently since your appointment as Second Officer. For all this and more, it\'s my pleasure to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel! Congrats, Rekio!

Phil DarkFire. Your help has been invaluable, managing all our new members as well as your own Wing, and posting many of the ITOD reports. You\'ve provided steady leadership to Scorpion Wing for a long time now, and it\'s my privilege to reward you appropriately for your services to Scorpion. I hereby present you with the prestigious Unit Commander\'s Commendation! This seldom-awarded medal represents your hard work for Scorpion.

Don\'t leave yet, Phil. Your input and concern for every area of the Renegade Fleet has helped this unit greatly, and has not gone unnoticed. In respect to your dedication to our cause, it\'s my pleasure to promote you to the rank of full Colonel! Congratulations Phil!

Till later,



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