Rebel Squadrons

[RSCD] NL December 06, 2004

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
Fleet NL, Dec 06, 2004
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November/December Level Reviews

                  Well, the November level reviews went horribly. Why did I say “Horribly” you ask, because there were none. But sometimes things happen, we lost our CO (third since I’ve been XO) so maybe some drive was lost. We can fix though. So the December level reviews will be the same as Novembers. Yes, you read correctly; a second chance to review these fine levels. All level reviews are due to by January 2nd. Because it is the holiday season, and we all have shopping, decorating, lighting manurers and going to parties to be merry and bring in a new year a few extra days can’t hurt. However, that is less than a month away, so don’t procrastinate too long.

Jedi Academy:
\"Imperial Outpost Part 1\" by Postman86
Located at:

Jedi Outcast:
\"Spice Mines on Kessel\" by Michael May
Located at:

Jedi Knight:
\"Remnants of the Empire 3\" by SavageX
Located at:

Mysteries of the Sith:
\"Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 1\" by Anthony Piggott
Located at:

Dark Forces:
\"Coruscant - The Imperial Capital\" by Ryan Bickhart
Located at:

RSCD Leadership

                  As you all should have known by now Michael stepped down as RSCD CO in November. Our FC asked for applications for RSCD. I have talked to him several times since then and I predict a replacement will be announced within two weeks (probably this week at some point).

                  That is good news, however there is more. The RSCD has new Training Officer/ROC CO. General Janet Skyy. For those of you who don’t her very well she has been a member of the RSCD since, well before it was even called the RSCD. She ahs held numerous squad and wing leadership positions in the RSCD. She was the Commandant of the RS Officers Training School until the RS Academy was decommissioned. She is, and has been since its inception, a leader in the Aurora Force. She is very capable and I see great and exciting things happening in the ROC, not limited to us seeing new and active members filling the ranks of the RSCD

Merit Points

                  Well I have several merit points to award, but I realized I haven’t posted how to earn merit points in a while and it isn’t up on the web page yet so before I go around awarding merit points I thought I should list them here again so we all know how to earn them.

  • +5 Points for first match in each multiplayer event participated in or ran by the RSCD (excluding WoWs)

  • +1 point for every other match in each multiplayer event participated in or ran by the RSCD (excluding WoWs)

  • +1 Point from Squadron CO with approval of Wing CO (up to 2 a month)

  • +1 from Wing CO with approval of Fleet XO (up to 3 a month)

  • +1 from Fleet Command Staff (including and is limited to CO, XO, SO, TO, IO)(up to 5 a month total from Fleet Command Staff)

  • +3 Points For each confirmed match played for a ROC Cadet against a ROC Instructor

  • +1 Point For each confirmed match played for a ROC Instructor against a ROC Cadet

  • +4 Points For each member who participates in the monthly Level review

  • +2 Points For each member who posts an additional part to the ongoing story in short story format(<20 Pages)

  • +4 Points For each member who posts an additional part to the ongoing story in long story format(>19 Pages)

  • +1 Point for posting you BIO in your profile (for those who hold the rank of Cadet only)

Now here is some other interesting information on the Merit System. If you take a look at the merits page you will see the first few merit badges have the same name as the level 1 RS Ranks. When you earn enough merit points to earn a new badge, if you are not already that rank (or above, D’UH), we will promote you (or recommend your promotion if the RSCD is not your primary fleet). So for those of you who are below the rank of captain, even though this should be obvious, being an active member of the RSCD and participating whenever you can will earn you promotions the fun and easy way.

Now, on to the awarding of Merit Points.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Alextravia Grentarii: 11 Points Total and the LTJG Badge - {-RSCD-LIEUTENANT JUNIOR GRADE -}
    Earned 6 points for adding 3 posts (including the first) to the RSCD storyline and 5 points from the Fleet XO for showing great leadership to the RSCD since the resignation of Michael Morone and putting up with me.

  • Major Alexander: 9 Points Total and the Cadet Badge - {-RSCD-CADET-}
    Earned 6 for adding 3 posts to the RSCD storyline and 3 points for activity and trying to assimilate to the RSCD way from the Fleet XO.

  • Captain Serena “Sen” Jaidecko Richardson: 13 Points Total and the Cadet Badge - {-RSCD-CADET-}
    Earned 10 Points for add in 5 posts to the RSCD Storyline and 3 points from the Fleet XO for high level of Participation in the RSCD.

  • Brigadier General Zeke Freeman: 4 Points Total and the Cadet Badge – {-RSCD-CADET-}
    Earned 4 points for adding to the RSCD Storyline

  • Major Dav Starlighter: 2 Points Total
    Earned 2 points for adding to the RSCD Storyline

  • General Janet Skyy: 4 Points Total and the Cadet Badge - {-RSCD-CADET-}
    Earned 4 points for adding to the RSCD Storyline

  • Colonel Stalker: 4 Points Total and the LTJG Badge - {-RSCD-LIEUTENANT JUNIOR GRADE -}
    Earned 4 points for adding to the RSCD Storyline

  • General Corran Horn Jr.: 2 Points Total
    Earned 2 points for adding to the RSCD Storyline

Congrats to all of you and a personal thank you for being active in the RSCD. All of you whom have earned new badges may now add those badges to your sign off.


                  For hard work and dedication to the RSCD as both the RSCD SO and the Katarn CO it is my honor and privilege to award to Lieutenant Colonel Stalker the RSCD Achievement Medal. You may now add this medal to your signoff, -=*=- . Congrats Alex.

RS Battlefront Server

      Yes ladies and gentlemen of all species. We now have an official battlefront server. The server address is ( SO if you own Battlefront get out on that server and play, play, recruit, play, recruit and play some more.

How to review a level

Here is how to review a single player level if you do not know how.


In this section, you talk about how you felt about the level before you started it up. \"Well,\" you ask, \"how do I get an opinion before I play the level?\" Well, you could talk about anything you\'ve heard about it, such as \"I\'ve heard this level is a classic\" or, on the other hand, \"I\'ve heard that this level is total crap and I\'d like to know why I have devoted the 10 Kb of memory to it.\"


This is where you talk about the design of the level. Mostly, you\'re going to discuss architecture here. If, for example, the level is cramped, say so. Talk about things that caught your eye in a good way as well. If there is a texturing masterpiece or calamity, this is also the place to mention it. Be careful not to spend too much time on one thing. Nobody wants to hear about a control panel for ten pages.


Comments about enemies (number and placement) and weapons, ammo, and power-ups. This section is essentially for things that move, more or less talk about special effects. If there\'s lots of really cool moving stuff, then mention it. If there\'s a distinct lack, then say that too. Discuss realism elements. You can go into item placement a little bit here, but only one direction. For example, if you run out of ammo and have to use your fists, then this is an important dynamics concern.
Mention any new ideas that the author has implemented in the level. If there was any problem with the level that stopped your enjoyment of the level, then talk about it. The only exception here is \"It doesn\'t run.\" If it crashes at a certain point, then say that, but if you just couldn\'t get it to play, you need to contact someone and try to resolve it, not put it in a review.


Comments about overall feeling - enjoyed, hated, or whatever. Comments about atmosphere fit here. Basically, did you feel like you were there? Here it\'s a good idea to discuss lighting and things of that nature as well. And what about music? Did the author find a suitable tune and put it in, or is it that boring Secret Base music? Consider these things very carefully.


*Level Design: Sum up the written section in a score from 0-10
*Level Dynamics: Sum up the written section in a score from 0-10
*Level Experience: Sum up the written section in a score from 0-10

Remember, 0 is the worst and 10 is the best. If you forget this, you\'ll give a level a 3% when it was worth 96%, and that\'s not good.

*Overall Score - Add up all of those, and then divide it all by 3, followed by multiplying by 10. Round it to a whole number.

There you guys go. Now get those reviews in.

General Corran Horn Jr.
Acting RSCD CO


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