Rebel Squadrons

Turbulent Times and My Return

By LCL Teesu Braynok
Unit: Redemption Fleet
General Announcement, Dec 06, 2004
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The RS is facing what could seemingly be called turbulent times. Certain circles and people advocate the splitting of certain wings from the whole, must as was once done by the DB when it left the EH. In this most troubled of times, I have returned to my former home.

Many of you don\'t know who I am, some of you know me, and some of you might hate me. The question may arise, \"Why are you back?\"; long answer short, I love the RS. That is, I loved what the RS was when I was in it. What it has become is not what it once was. I have returned to act in an advisory role to the head of the ABG, as well as possibly to sim. I joined the RS quite a long time ago, I don\'t even know how long I\'ve been here. 2 years of \"active\" duty and probably 3-4 years of inactive/infrequent duty. During those 2 years I was a member of the RgF and ABG, as well as quite a few other things. I have experience as Squad Leader and Wing Leader. The reason I list these things is so that the members of the ABG who do not know me, know that I am fully capable of being an advisor.

In my time away from the RS I played other games. I began a \"clan\" for the AA:O game. It went on to be one of the most respected and feared clans in the ladder which we played. I am fully capable of not only leading a group with a large member base, but also am fully capable of advising a leader of it.

My intentions and future in the RS are clear. Before I left the RgF I once said that I would only return when my squad (Griffon Squad of the Defense Operations Wing) was brought back to life. Many of the members of the DoW no longer realize the history of it. Griffon belongs in the DoW next to RDS and Jedi. Other than that, I plan to remain where I am in an advisory position to the ABG CO and possibly to sim off and on. For those that know me, I say hello again. For those that don\'t, Hi.


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