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ABG Newsletter - 12/08/2004

By MGN Sea Messi
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Dec 08, 2004
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Once again, the ABG Newsletter is a little late, but better late than never, right? All right, let us get cracking, baby.

1. ABG CS Changes
As you may have noticed, there have been some substantial changes in the ABG\'s command staff. Borsk has resigned as ABG CO and I have been appointed to replace him. Replacing me as XO is Tethran Cotec, and Vason Semnic is SO, as he has been since Zak left the SO position. The new command staff is commited to working with the members to accomplish rule reform in the ABG, and to increase membership and activity. We have several plans that we will be outlining to you in the coming weeks: for a full list of them, see the Projects section of this newsletter.

However, I want to send a quick message to Borsk, our last CO: we still want you to be a part of this group, Borsk. Come back and help me run this wing, trust me I will need all the help I can get from the members. Borsk, you may not have been the most active at times but you\'re still a good GM, a good man, and a sexy bitch. Come give me some lovin\', man. \":)

2. Sim Times
Well, I guess we should announce the sim times that we know for sure. Nothing is absolutely set in stone yet. Note, there are usually random sims held almost every night of the week sometimes.

Sims for my campaign, Welcome to the Jungle, will be held Sundays at 3:30pm EST for sure, after the upgrade session at 2pm EST. Sims for it will also be held Wednesdays at 5pm EST and random sims may pop up for it in the afternoon or early evening on most weekdays of enough of the people are online and want to sim.

Cay-Qel Jade is running a campaign on Saturday nights that is, as far as I know, untitled. Cay, can you send me a little more information on your campaign please? :)

Clone Wars sims are on hold for until next week. People wishing to be involved in Clone Wars era simming should contact me and inform me of what times are best for you.

As always, we want to know what sim times are best for you. Send an e-mail to the ABG CS and tell us what times are best for you. We want to be able to target our sims so that all our members can sim at LEAST once a week. Seriously, drop us a line and tell us what\'s up.

3. Interim ABG Council
I am forming a 9-member ABG Council to help make rule changes in the ABG. The interim council will be appointed and work like High Command until I draft the new ABG Standard Operating Procedures and submit them for approval to the membership of the wing. Once the SOP are approved, the group will elect the 9 council members. For now, however, there are six people being offered invitations to the council; they are: Borsk Kun, Vason Semnic, Kyle Tobarn, Teesu Braynok (Ares), Cay-Qel Jade, and Michael Raven. If you are on that list and are not interested, inform me and I will find a replacement for you on the council. The other three positions I am accepting applications for. People I would like to see apply for the remaining three spots, but don\'t necessarily have to: Zak Ciredik, Sienn Sconn, Jagged Drayson, and Kevin Pryde.

The council will go into session as soon as six of the nine positions are filled. They will propose and approve changes to the rules, which the ABG CO shall have veto power over. A 2/3 majority of the council can overturn a CO veto. The ABG SOP (Bylaws, essentially) will be submitted to both the membership and the ABG HC for approval. Both bodies must approve them before they can go into effect.

4. Renegade Squad
We are reforming Renegade and would like to hold a meeting this Saturday at 3pm EST (8pm GMT) about what to do with the squad and how to handle the campaigns and storylines. Logs of this meeting shall be sent to the entire ABG, and a finalized proposal will be shown to the ABG soon after. There are already many excellent ideas about how to handle the future of the squad, and we look forward to our membership sharing many more with us.

5. Command Positions Open
Right now there\'s only one squad with a command position open, that\'s the Clone Wars/alternate timeline squad, Seikansha. Seikansha CO is open, so send applications to me at Thank you.

6. ABG Internet Officer
The ABG may need a new IO, unless Commander Jagged Drayson is still interested in doing the job. Either way, we\'ll need people to help us with various projects on the website. Send me an e-mail listing your skills with HTML, PHP, et cetera. Only HTML is really needed, though knowledge of PHP would be nice. :)

7. Medals and Promotions
Once again, it is time to recognize the hardwork that has gone into this wing. I have two people to announce promotions for and my reasons for why they\'ve been promoted.


Jagged Drayson has been promoted to Commander for his tireless work not just for the ABG, but for the RS. Jag has done a lot of things for the ABG beyond just site work: he as an active simmer, a source of excellent ideas, and a loyal member.
Teesu Braynok has been promoted to Lieutenant Colonel for long standing loyalty to the ABG. This promotion is an overdue recognition of the work that Ares (Teesu) has put into both the ABG and the RS. Though I may have made an amusing comment in the promotion message, Teesu has earned his promotion the proper way over a number of years and I have no regrets for promoting him.

8. Projects
There are many projects in the ABG being worked on at the moment: rules changes being drafted, bylaws being written, squads being reformed. The list below is by no means complete.

ABG Standard Operating Procedures:
This project will create a system of bylaws, built upon the RS bylaws, for the ABG so that the membership may make MAJOR decisions on changes to the simming rules by majority vote, and other issues concerning the wing can be put to the ABG High Council for vote. When the SOP draft is completed, it will be put before the ABG HC for approval. If they approve it by a 2/3 majority, then it shall be put to the members to approve, also by a 2/3 majority. I just like 2/3 majorities, I can\'t help it. :P

ABG Website Redesign:
The ABG CS and a team of people with knowledge of HTML shall be updated and redesigning the ABG website in the weeks to come in order to make it easier to navigate and to include the new rules in the Manual and the Library. When completed, the ABG SOP will also be posted in the Manual. This project will be headed by the ABG IO.

ABG Simming Rules:
We are going to be modernizing and simplifying the roleplaying rules for the ABG. I would like to assemble a team to assist me with this. I want to get a draft of the changes done and proposed to the ABG HC before the New Year.

Self-explanitory: I want to recruit potentially active members into the ABG so we can begin to rebuil more of the old squads, train more GMs, and raise activity.

Renegade Squad:
The old smuggler/bounty hunter/mercenary squad. We\'re working on an innovative system for the squad. As stated above, the meeting will be Saturday at 3pm EST.

Rapier Squad:
The intellgience squad for the ABG, headed by Raven. Michael Raven is working a few ideas for this squad, and I request that he have a proposal for the squad written out and sent to the ABG CS as soon as possible, please.

I think that about covers everything for now. There will be updates throughout the month as I finish projects and submit them to the High Council. If you have anything you would like to see included in January\'s NL, pleasehave them in to me by December 30th. Also, as the Christmas holidays are approaching, I\'d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cliche, yes, but it comes from the heart. I consider the ABG to be my family, and I wish the best for you all this holiday season.


- Brigadier General Randy Starkiller


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