Rebel Squadrons

[RSCD] NL December 16, 2004

By GEN Corran Horn Jr.
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Dec 16, 2004
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      As you all should have heard by now, I have been appointed as the new RSCD CO. You poor fools...umm...I lucky people you. All joking aside though, I hope I can live up to, if not beyond, the expectations and trust placed in me by you guys and the RS FC, Gavin Kravis.

      As CO I hope to accomplish many things and take the RSCD not only to where it once stood, but even higher. To assist in that task I have set-up a few goals for this fleet to help guide myself and the other leaders of this fleet. They are:
To improve Paladin Company, our Battlefront Wing
            I would say we dropped the ball on this one, but we never really had it. It's been fumbling around since the RSCD got the game. Well I now have a firm grasp on it and with the dedicated leaders of Paladin and its members we will get out their and have better recruitment, gets some activities going and be a real part of the battlefront community.
To bring back the multiplayer aspects of this fleet
            Let's face it, Most of our games are multiplayer based games. That is what they are known for. That is where most people have the most fun.
To make the RSCD a major part of the gaming community
            outside of a few other organizations no one has ever even heard of the RSCD. That makes it hard to recruit and get competitions going.
To improve the RSCD website and make it the one stop shop for all things RSCD as well as add other useful items to it such as a match reporter
            Our website is grossly outdated. It also lacks some things which I feel can make it a better site and more useful to you guys.
To get the ROC up and fully running.
            We have been working on the ROC for several months now but it hasn't quite gotten up and running as we have all hoped. The ROC is important to the future of this fleet because it will be the first taste of the RSCD new members will get. It will give us the opportunity to weed out the bad eggs who just signed the join form on the RS site but will never be active from those who want to play these great Star Wars games with us.

      How am I going to complete these goals? I honestly don't know yet. However, this is what both I and some others in this fleet know where the work is needed. The fleet command staff and myself will be working very hard towards completing these goals.

      Now the first order of business is for me to appoint an Executive Officer to the fleet. The job of the Fleet XO is not an easy job. The XO has a large amount of varied work to perform such as working with new recruits, to setting up and running activities to keeping on top of wing and squadron leadership and has to put up with me. The XO receives very little thanks and a whole lot grief, but it is a very rewarding job when the XO sees his/hers work bear fruit and improves the fleet. The person who takes this responsibility upon themselves must be respected by those they serve with. Have command experience. Not be afraid to speak their mind, and most important must be able to inspire those of the fleet to be active and help make the RSCD be the best gaming fleet it can be. It is therefore my honor and privilege to appoint a member who has been with this fleet since the early days of the RSCD, even before Jedi Knight even existed, and whose energy, dedication and hard work is an inspiration to us all, General Janet Skyy.

      Let me just take this opportunity to remind all of you that Level reviews are due to by January 2nd. Also the RS does have its own Battlefront server and it is located at ( So get those reviews in and get on the battlefront server and play, play and play some more.

General Corran Horn Jr.


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