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PBF TOD 5 Award Ceremony

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jan 01, 2005
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PBF TOD5 Award Ceremony

Patriot Battle Fleet
Fleet NL, January 1, 2005

Patriot Battle Fleet Awards Ceremony – TOD 5

*** Aboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser -Windstorm-, Holding Steady ***
1206, Coruscant Standard Time
1506, Relative Shipboard Time

The main hall was filled with guests, dignitaries and the combined members of the Patriot Battle Fleet. The various Wings of the PBF had finally chased down the Pirates and Traitors in the Cadrel Expanse and captured a surprisingly productive weapons facility. It would be quite some time before we were plagued with a shortage of missiles and torpedoes.

The veteran pilots were taking full advantage of this brief down time as the younger ones recounted past missions and pondered what the next Tour might bring. The recent Reconn Mission had found a surprising amount of Imperial activity where there should just be empty space, so most knew that the party could be cut short at any time. Everyone was decked out in full dress uniforms. No one looked comfortable, but all seemed ready for the Awards Ceremony to begin. The crowd still hovered around the various bars that had been set up and everyone was waiting for the two men who sat at a corner table in the back of the hall to finish their conversation. Colonel Vykk Tharen kept an eye on the two and noted that Gavin would jab a finger at the tabletop as Spokes watched and sipped his ale. *If we don\'t get started soon, these folks may be beyond reach.* Vykk thought to himself, but just then Spokes nodded to Gav, pushed back from the table and spun his chair around to head for the stage.

The five-piece band played an atonal number as Spokes made his way through the crowd. He was in no particular hurry, despite the recent conversation, and wanted the Fleet to be able to enjoy the evening. The oldest Fleet in the Rebel Squadrons was about to honour its own. That alone was reason to celebrate. As soon as those in the gathering noticed Spokes working his way through the crowd, the members of the Fleet started heading towards the chairs before the \"choice\" spots were all taken.

The Rebel Squadron\'s Fleet Commander, Gavin Cantorph Kravis, followed closely behind Spokes, letting the PBF CO cut a trail through the crowd and took a chair where other members of High Command and visiting dignitaries had been given seats. Vice Admiral Tyrell “Spokes” Borran went straight to the podium and flicked the switch on the mic. \"Good evening all and welcome aboard the Windstorm. If you\'ll get seated we can begin the formalities.\" This was met with the standard complaints about the fact that the Bar would be closed until the Award Ceremony was over.

Spokes waited until most had found a seat before beginning. \"Attention Gentle-Beings and Greetings to All. Welcome to the End of Tour Celebration and Award Ceremony for the Members of the Patriot Battle Fleet.\" The crowd responded with cheers and applause. \"I am very pleased that so many of you could be here to gather and Celebrate our recent Victory in the Cadrel Expanse. I truly hope that our efforts there will keep us out of that rock pile for a good long time.\" A ripple of laughter washed through the hall as Pilots remember the all too common asteroid fields and uninhabitable planets of the Expanse. \"We\'ll keep the \'Formalities\' to a minimum so that the real Party can begin.\" That announcement was met with a round of applause and hoots and hollers from the whole gathering.

\"We started the last Tour of Duty with so little intel that we spent most of our time fighting battles whenever we stumbled across the enemy. Not my favorite way to lead a campaign, but the layout of the Expanse limited our options. Fortunately, we found and shut down an illegal arms operation and seized it for ourselves.\" There was some mild laughter among the older members of the Fleet as they remembered feeling like pirates themselves when they captured the weapons facility. “We can all be proud of our accomplishments in the Expanse.”

\"Without any further delay.\" Spokes addressed the assembled masses. \"We will start with the Awards. The Dauntless Combat Citation is awarded for participation in a tour of duty. I am very pleased that so many Pilots have earned this award, but since there are so many, we will dispense with the normal procedure and simply state that of the 96 pilots who flew during this TOD, the following 51 Pilots are hereby awarded the DCC:

Blue: MGN Leonard Cable, COL Phil DarkFire, FA Rensal Darklighter and LCL James \"Nightwolf\" Davidson

Crimson: BGN Gabrich Varmer, CPT Primlar, MAJ Dav Starlighter, CMDR Ben Haun, LCM pallr garner, CPT Tam Klivian, BGN Fion \"Zero\" Grell

Fireclaw: LGN Licah Fox, COL Dev Azzameen, MGN Xtremegene, COL Jairo Pantoja, MAJ Mario El Atlante, GEN Snappleguy, LCL Jack \"Blazer\" Barnes

Gold: VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, COL Vykk Tharen, MAJ Tym Angel, LGN Garrik \"Face\" Loran, COL Stalker, COL Han Suul, RA Adam Fene, BGN Chris Earthkeeper, CPT Dacs Helfrump, LCL JC Savage

Green: CMDR Daniel Rezmann, MAJ Felipe Zammit, COL Argon Viper, MAJ Simeon \"Wolfman\" Ferros, CPT Kosh Naranek, LCL Nils Omar Sira-e.LXXIX, CPT Raistlin

Jade: BGN John GAdRS, BGN Talon Starblazer, 1LT Daniel Reznor, MGN LiveWire

Pheonix: COL Ste T, MAJ Joel Lance, VA Indiana Bridger

Red: BGN Steve Hawkins, BGN Shane Long, LCM Fed Barron, 1LT Cain Lyran, COL Jan-lo Sunner, MAJ Rekstar Rukilian, MAJ Alexander, LCL Kresa Rei\'de, MAJ \"Ping\" Greyson


\"Congratulations to you all!\" Applause and cheers followed as Spokes finished reading the list. \"Now, The Dantooine Key is awarded to pilots who submit every assigned mission report on a timely basis for pilots who are members of a Squadron for at least 50% of the Tour. Fourteen pilots managed to pull this off an impressive 12/12 mission reports:

MGN Leonard Cable, BGN Gabrich Varmer, MAJ Dav Starlighter, GEN Licah Fox, COL Dev Azzameen, MGN Xtremegene, COL Jairo Pantoja, VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, COL Vykk Tharen, BGN Chris Earthkeeper, CMDR Daniel Rezmann, BGN Steve Hawkins, BGN Shane Long and LCM Fed Barron.\"

Spokes paused for the applause that followed as he pulled up the next screen. \"There were also several new pilots who flew every mission on time from when they joined this Fleet or until they retired: John GAdRS, 9/9, Rekstar Rukilian, 9/9, Cain Lyran, 9/9, Daniel Reznor 8/8, Dacs Helfrump 6/6, and Alexander 6/6.\"


The crowd set forth a wave of applause when the sheer number of pilots that had completed every single mission in the horrendous tour, and had lived to tell the tale.

After the crowd settled a bit, Spokes waved an arm in the direction of the Dignitaries and members of High Command and stated, \"It is my pleasure to turn over the rest of the Award Ceremony to RS Fleet Commander Gavin Cantorph Kravis.\" The applause and cheers that followed from the standing crowd lasted long after Spokes had rolled away and Gav stood at the podium. The Fleet Commander finally raised a hand, signaling for quite and the crowd slowly settled.

“Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ceremony today. I will do my best to keep this short.”

Punching the keys of a small datapad, the Rebel Squadrons Fleet Commander brought the brief notes he had prepared for this special occasion online. Once ready, he looked to the crowd and began.

\"As a pilot who has fought battles in the Cadrel Expanse, I congratulate each of you on going in and getting out of there so that you could share in this Celebration.\" Applause and laughter filled the hall and the Fleet Commander had to signal for silence again. \"I always enjoy this part of my duties and it is a pleasure to give out the following awards because they single out the pilots that have inflicted the greatest amount of damage to the enemy and have survived to tell lies about it.\" There was a brief pause before a wave of laughter rolled through the assemblage. \"The Golden Eyes is awarded for extreme foresight in the heat of battle. We have five pilots who met this standard during the last Tour of Duty. All three flew every mission, racked up an impressive number of kills and helped lead us to Victory in the Cadrel Expanse. Steve Hawkins, Dev Azzameen, Daniel Rezmann, Licah Fox and Spokes.\" The audience erupted in applause, hoots, and cat-calls as Gavin pinned the medal on each of the officers in turn.

- oo -

\"Congratulations to you all. Lastly, we come to the Tour Champion Award which goes to the pilot with the top score over the course of the Tour of Duty. Spokes, PBF Tour of Duty Five is yours.”


Gav turned his attention back to the members of the Patriot Battle Fleet. “I know that as long as there are warriors such as you to fight against enemies that would undermine the New Republic there is nothing to fear from them. On behalf of the Rebel Squadrons and New Republic, I thank each and every one of you for this. Thank you for your attention.” The applause faded as the final item was given out.

\"Okay everyone,\" Spokes called out. \"Before we end the Award Ceremony and get the party started, I want to give Red Squadron kudos for finishing PBF TOD 5 as the Top Squadron. Red racked up the most points, flew the most missions and bagged the most kills. Well done Red and congratulations to all of you in the Patriot Battle Fleet!\" The trinkets and merits were all handed out and the crowd broke of into smaller groups. Centering around a Fleet CO, a newly decorated pilot or a Squadron and each went off to enjoy the Celebration that comes with the end of a successful Tour of Duty.

Vice Admiral Tyrell “Spokes” Borran
Colonel Vykk Tharen
Colonel Gavon Phalon

--Rebel Squadrons-- a H.I.E.R.* organization--
--(* Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)--


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