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IBG NL January 2005

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jan 23, 2005
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IBG NL January 2005

Here is the newsletter for January.

1. Staff stuff
2. ITOD 503
3. ITOD 504
4. Multiplayer
5. Historical missions
6. Medals and awards
7. Closing

As I promised in the last NL, Jon and I were to talk about the idea of merging the flying fleets, in order to see if this was something we wanted to work more on. We\'ve been talking, and I will soon send out a mail to you all on this topic. There I will present some ideas, and then will want feedback from you on the whole thing. So I will say nothing more now, only that there\'s nothing to be worried about :)

1. Staff stuff

Well, the last month or so have been exceptionally quiet. Some things are happening, though, and most noteworthy is the job done by Mystic. He\'s been working a lot on our web site. Also, James keeps on taking care of our cadets. Thank you both! The rest of us have been some LOA, or hindered from being as active as we want to due to RL issues.

Since the last NL, a new Requiem CO has been appointed. Major Ric Gravin have been in the position for a few wekks already, and I look forward to see what he can make of it.
Also, as you\'re aware of already, we had to make a change in Phalcun. Kyle has disappeared againg, and thus I had to remove him. Captain Anton Nels has been appointed the new Phalcun CO, and I\'m happy to say that I know that the squadron is in the best hands.
Further, Dagger had a change as well, as Kresa stepped down. LCL Ton Matty, for a long time Dagger XO, has taken over. Ton has been around for a long time, and Dagger couldn\'t have got a better CO.

2. ITOD 503

The third mission in the current tour, as the second, saw a very low number of reports. Or, we had a \"normal\" number of reports, but there was only 9 reports from pilots who\'d actually flown. A number of pilots are having trouble getting these missions to run, and some just haven\'t got time. I hope we will see more real reports on the next one. Thanks to those who flew, and thanks as well to those who reported in with a zero. The rest of you - well, what are we here for?

The winner of the month is Spokes. Nobody came even close to him this time, so it was nice flying there, Spokes! THen it was amazingly fun to see Rakiki up there in the top again. Phalcun looks like they\'re out hunting to be the best IBG squad now, with Anton, Rak and Red on the move. THis will be interesting to follow over the next few months. The fight for the third spot was close between Brigateen and Reabel, but Brig brought another medal home to Draco after several runs on the mission. Good job!

The final standings for the squadrons looked like this:

Rank Squad/Kills/Score/Reports
1. Dagger/34/10,979/6
2. Phalcun/36/5,166/3
3. Draco/1/1,590/3
4. NightWolf/14/1,560/2
5. Stinger/10/156/3
6. Wildcard/0/124/3

Dagger keeps on winning. Nothing more to say there than Congratulations once more! Dagger also won the Commander\'s Golden Chalice, for having the higest percentage of reporting pilots. And it doesn\'t stop there. This was the last mission in the \"season\" (one season is three missions), so there\'s also the \"Elite Squadron of the Season\" medal as well as the \"Killboard Cup\" to be won. No one should be surprised when I say that Dagger took them both. I hope the other squadrons will give Dagger a fight for it after the next three missions.

As I said last month, ideas and wishes for the missions are welcome. Jc and his team actually put quite a number of hours into the mission making, so they will appreciate all kind of evaluation on the missions.

3. ITOD 504

The mission is delayed again. I hope we\'ll see it out soon.

4. Multiplayer

Mystic and Licah have been working on the LIC site, and I hope it will soon be in full working order. Anyway, you can report matches there, so just get out and fly.
The Inter-Club Training Event (ICTE) still goes on in #outerrim on Saturdays. There\'s not too many XWA pilots there, but if you show up, you can have some fun.

5. Historical missions

It\'s been a while since I last mentioned this; remember that you can always fly the old missions. Report them on the ITOD board as you do with the current mission. You will earn one merit point per reported mission, so this is a nice way to give yourself a boost on the merit ranking.

6. Medals and awards

VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, you\'re herby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for your victory on ITOD 503. Thanks for keeping it up, Spokes! This means a lot to some of us.

LCL Rakiki, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for your flying on ITOD 503. It\'s been a while since your last medal, so this was cool.

MAJ Brigateen Dolaree, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for your flying on ITOD 503. I hope I\'ll see you up here more often, Brig :)

Pilots of Dagger Squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Commander\'s Golden Chalice for having the highest number of reports on ITOD 503. Well done!

Pilots of Dagger Squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Elite Squadron of the Season for your flying on ITOD missions 501-503. The medal will be awarded to those Daggers who reported in on one or more of the missions.

Pilots of Dagger Squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Killboard Cup for having the highest number of kills in the season. The medal will be awarded to those Daggers who reported in on one or more of the missions.

MAJ Alexander, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Mission Report Medal for your narrative on ITOD 503. Thanks for not letting yourself be stopped by having diffuculties with the flying.

Merits and medals have been updated.

7. Closing

Well, looks like things are running on low gear these days. I trust that with the end of vacations and many of you back in school again, things will pick up once more. We get new cadets all the time, so there should be plenty of fun for all of us for a long time yet. I just got myself a new comp yesterday, so now I\'m all set and ready to fly. See you out there somewhere.

MGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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