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PBF NL - PBF 6.03 "Asteroid Sabaac"

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Feb 02, 2005
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PBF Newsletter -- PBF 6.03 “Asteroid Sabacc”

*** Aboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, Tactical ***
2224, Coruscant Standard Time
0124, Relative Shipboard Time

The halls of the Windstorm were relatively quiet at this time of night. Of course, when in the depths of space, “night” is relative to whatever schedule one might keep, and not tied to the movements of a single star or sun. Still, during Third Watch the majority of the ship’s crew and personnel were hitting the rack ... something that could not be said for the two officers heading for Tactical. As they reached the entry, the door swooshed open and allowed them to proceed.

Lieutenant Donald Veit, ship Tactical Officer, looked up from the station he was working at, and noticing the room’s two new occupants, jumped to his feet and offered up a crisp salute. Captain Don Moori, ship Captain, waved away the formality with a half cracked smile.

“No need for that Lieutenant. ‘Tis much too late, I’m much too tired, and to top it all off, I’m much too old,” said the Captain. His tone was playfully sarcastic as if kidding, but the slight strain in his voice was that of someone who had not been getting enough shuteye.

Veit looked from the Captain to ship Second Officer Lieutenant Commander Daniel Kannah. The Corellian gave a friendly nod. Veit, Kannah, and ship Science Officer Lieutenant Gary Forstchen all hailed from the Corellian system, with Veit and Forstchen from the sister planets of Talus and Tralus respectively. In the Windstorm’s social circles, the three had earned the nickname “The Trio” as they were fast friends and fiercely loyal to their home system. Far be it for anyone to challenge the greatness of anything Corellian when in their company that wasn’t actively looking for conflict.

“Evening Donny,” Kannah said. “Has your team found anything new on the Battleking’s jump and or exit vector?”

Donald shot a grin at his friend as he led them over to the Tactical Star Map. “Well, from what we can tell, the ImpStar would have had to drop out of hyperspace and readjust its heading as soon as they hit... here.” Don jabbed a finger at a spot on the star map that was densely populated with asteroids. “This asteroid field is has only recently been charted, and only partially at that. There are a few... “civilian” nav buoys located near safe jump points,” and by civilian he meant most likely smugglers, ”but they are scattered throughout the area and are often unreliable.” Donald stopped for a moment then added, “Especially when dealing with something as big as a Star Destroyer or Mon Cal Cruiser...”

Captain Moori scanned over the information that was presented concerning the asteroids, nav buoys, and jump routes. Unconsciously scratching the side of his head as he focused on the map, Moori questioned, “So, you’re saying that its very hit or miss if we head on in there after them?”

“Aye,” jumped in Kannah. “It looks mighty risky to be taking the Windstorm into that mess...” He paused then tossed out jokingly, “Hey, why not send in the Valor or the McGee*? I’m sure Captains Tauber or Lawah would have a grand ol’ time dodging asteroids and other miscellaneous space debris!” (*McGrath)

Veit smirked at the mention of the Fleet’s other two Cruiser Captains, but Moori did not seem amused. He eyeballed Daniel for a brief moment before responding, “Bloody funny, Commander, but I’ve not the energy nor am I in the mood for any faff.”

“Apologies, Sir. Was only in jest.”

“Actually...” Lieutenant Veit drew attention back to the map, “it appears that either Nav Buoy C18-A92 or C19-A92 might be safe enough routes... let me double check.” He turned and quickly walked over to one of his subordinate ensigns as they crunched numbers and vectors to verify the safest route into the heart of the asteroid field.

Captain Moori covered his mouth as a sizeable yawn escaped. Shaking his head from side to side in an attempt to stay awake, he looked over at Kannah. “Dan, of the big three, who is on-ship and still up at the moment?”

“Uhhh...” Daniel thought. “Colonel Tharen is over on the McGee taking care of some Crusader Wing business, and I believe Admiral Borran has already turned in for the night with a ‘Do Not Disturb Unless Under Attack’ order.”

Moori chuckled to himself, “Well, you just might be the unlucky sod that will have to do some waking.” He brought his arms up in front of this body, clasping his hands and flipping them over in a stretching motion. “And what of Colonel Phalon?”

“Last I talked to him he was headed over to DownTime for a few drinks.”

“Well, comm him and let him know that I need him to meet me and Plynn on the Bridge in ten minutes.”

“Roge, Sir.” Kannah pulled out his comm and clicked in Colonel Phalon’s designator... then stopped and looked back up at the Captain. “Sorry sir. I forgot, but the Colonel always turns his comm off when he’s at the lounge. Something about not wanting it to ‘effect his free time’ and ‘cramp his style’... sir.”

“Damn flyboys, the whole lot of ‘em,” mused Moori. “Send Major Kang down there to get him, and I want you to go wake up the Admiral. I have a gut feeling that the bantha poodoo is going to hit the fan here in a matter of hours, so we best all be prepared.”

Lieutenant Veit had walked back over to the two officers and was waiting for a moment to report his findings. Both Moori and Kannah shifted their attention to him and nodded. Veit moved the star map back on the asteroid field and brought one of the nav buoys into focus. ”Nav Buoy C18-A92 looks to be our best and safest jump point. Tactical suggests that if we are to continue our pursuit of the Battleking, we make our jump to this point.”

“Excellent Lieutenant, that is exactly what we needed to know.” Turning to Kannah he said, “Wake the Admiral and inform him that we have found a way in.”

“Right sir,” Kannah responded. He saluted the Moori and nodded to Veit as he made his way out of Tactical thinking about what happened the last time the Admiral’s sleep had been dirupted.

“Oh and Kannah, make it five minutes.”

“Roge sir.”

Kannah was out the door and heading towards Admiral Borran’s quarters prepared to dodge blaster fire if necessary. He commed Major Kang and ordered him to head over to DownTime and round up Colonel Phalon.

Veit again offered up a salute, but this time the Captain returned it in due order. The Tactical Officer returned to his station as Moori took his leave. Once out, he pulled out his comm and got the ship First Officer on the channel.


“Here sir, what can I do for you?” responded the Commander.

“We are going into the asteroid field after the Battleking. Have General Fox and Lieutenant Colonel Sira get FireClaw and Green prepped and briefed. I want our fighters on full standby. Lieutenant Asyckar should have the jump route from Tactical at Helm. Have her plot a course and get us there as soon as Calamarianly possible. We are going in hot.”

*** Mon Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, DownTime Pilot’s Lounge ***

Colonel Phalon did not get a chance to hob knob with his crew mates in DownTime too often these days, so he tried to take advantage of any opportunity that he had, even if it was in the middle of the night. Not that sleep mattered, it’s a crutch for the weak...or so he told himself to justify his late night activities. Walking into the lounge he exchanged pleasantries with a number of pilots and other friendly faces. While nowhere near full, pockets of people were grouped together sharing stories, drinks, and having an all around good time. Pilots from FireClaw and Green that had just gotten off of patrol duty or simply could not sleep, off-duty crew members, grease monkeys, the whole bit. At a ship’s DownTime, it didn’t matter who you were. All meaning of rank and class were thrown out at the door.

When he reached the bar, Gavin noticed another Colonel sitting alone at the far end. She was waving and offering a friendly smile, and as he came up closer she slid a half-full glass of Wyren’s his way. He cracked a broad smile, snatched the drink, and grabbed the bar stool next to her.

“Colonel Jan-lo Sunner I presume?”

She chuckled and played along “Why... Yes, and who might you be stranger?” She sat up, pretending to make an effort to read his rank and name tag.

“Colonel Phalon... Fleet CS right?”

“Yeah, something like that...”

Gavin’s voice trailed and neither sad anything for a moment or two... then they both started laughing.

“How the ‘ell are ya Jan? Sure has been a while since I’ve had the chance to sit and chat with you.”

Jan smiled as she took a sip of her Chandrilian root-ale. “Aye, been a few years at least. You’ve been back for what, a month or so now?”

Gavin took a drink of the Wyren’s. “Roge, about that. Would have made it over to the Valor to say ‘ello, but Spokes and Vykk’ve got me running ragged over here and on the McGee. Colonel Errand Boy Phalon, at your service.”

“Heh, better you than me,” Jan grins as she pokes him in the shoulder

\"Ouch... thanks for putting it that way. You really know how to cheer a guy up.\"

Jan-lo snickers. “I know, I know, it\'s a gift.” she said while smiling deprecatingly.

\"Well, I won\'t comment on my current level of enjoyment as Fleet CS\" Gavin said. “But I think I\'ll take a rain check next time something comes down the pipe that X squad threw down with X squad over something to do with ‘Squadron Pride’. Not mentioning any names of course...”

Jan laughed. “Well, we Reds shake things up wherever we go. Good luck with that thought.”

Gavin pondered for a moment as he took another full drink of the Wyren’s. “Perhaps I can get Spokes to take on a Patriot Battle Fleet Third Officer, huh?\"

“Oh... Good idea, as long as it\'s not me.” She quipped. “Never thought I\'d make it to Colonel, and any rank after that is just too big. I may retire and laugh at you from the Core.”

\"Heck, at least get myself an errand boy...”

“Hire a cadet,” Jan offered.

“...or girl... Wouldn\'t mind having you around at my beck and call,” he says as he playfully sticks his tongue out at her.

“Pfft!” Jan spewed out a mouthful of root-ale all over the bar counter. “Dream on, tiny Tim. Ain\'t gonna happen.”

Gavin throws Jan a look of surprise and bewilderment. “Tiny Tim? What the!?!... Oh... You need to spend less time with Reks over there on the Valor... I think your mistaking him for me\"

Jan-lo smirks “Not that I\'d know...”

Gavin stops for a moment pretending like he is in deep thought. \"Sith... I KNEW someone was spying on me in the Officer\'s \'fresher last night...\"

“Whoa, whoa, that wasn\'t me, and I haven\'t seen any tapes!” Jan yelped.

\"Tapes!?! Who said anything about tapes!?!\"

“Uh, no one! Nothing! I\'m sure there aren\'t any at all, anywhere.

Just then, Major Thor Kang, ship Damage Control Officer, walked up to the bar next to the two Colonels. Raising an eyebrow at the both of them, he couldn’t help but let out a smile from what little he had just overheard. “Sir, Ma’am,” he nodded. “Captain needs Colonel Phalon here on the bridge ASAP. We are going in after the Battleking.”

“Emperor’s Black Bones...” Gavin swore. “Ah, right. On my way Thor. Anyone get the message to Spokes and Vykk? ”

Thor gave a yes with his head. “Both have been or are being notified. Lieutenant Commander Kannah is waking up the Admiral as we speak.”

“Ew...” Jan cringed. “I do not envy him one bit.”

“Aye, neither do I.” answered Kang.

Gavin jumped up off of the bar stool and tossed a few credits to the bartender. “Jan, this little conversation of ours is by no means finished. I want some answers.”

“Suuuure Gav, whatever you say, “ she said as she got up from the bar herself. “I’ve gotta run and get back to the Valor and prep the Reds before you hyper out, so I’ll be seeing you hopefully sooner than later.”

“Count on it.” Gavin stopped for a moment. “... Jan, be carefully. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“Uh huh Gav, you’ve always got “a bad feeling about this.” turned and said over her shoulder.

“Well, can’t fault me for not being cautious right?” Gavin retorted.

“No, can’t fault ya there.” As she walked out of the lounge heading towards the hanger bay so added, “Have fun with the big wigs, errand boy.”            

*** Aboard the Mon Calamari Cruiser Windstorm, Bridge ***
2302, Coruscant Standard Time
0202, Relative Shipboard Time

Admiral Borran had woken without incident and had made Kannah wait while he got ready so that he could brief him on his way to the Bridge. True to his word, Captain Moori had figured out where the Battleking would most likely have exited hyperspace. Spokes handed the datapad to Colonel Phalon. “What do you think?”

“I don’t like it.”

“Neither do I. If they have to stop there to navigate an asteroid field, then they’ll know we are coming.” Admiral Borran continued to watch the swirl of hyperspace as he waited for any response from his SO, but Gav just sighed. “Want to take odds on an ambush?”

“Hmmph. Not on this one.” Gavin looked over the Bridge Crew. No one would have guessed that it was the middle of the night from the level of activity. “At least were not the only one’s losing sleep tonight.”

“Aye. Let’s hope that’s all we lose....”


Fleet Merit System Change:

The PBF Command Staff has restructured Fleet Merit Badges and how Fleet Merit is earned. The primary focus of the new system is to recognize overall activity by individual Pilots and Squadrons. The new system is set out on the PBF Mission Page.


#PBF is once again a registered channel on the Undernet (IRC). You can use xchat, mIRC, etc. to access the channel. There are usually a good number of members in the channel at anyone time. Talk to one of the CS if you are having problems getting this to work. We can help.

PBF Forum Activity:

If you have not yet registered for the RS Forums, please do so right away. The PBF board is pretty active, and we will also be posting all of the Narrative reports in a sticky thread each month. I was surprised to hear that many didn\'t even know about or check the Forum often, so get involved!

Corrupt Mission Files:

I want to reiterate that opening mission files in X-ED/XMB is not allowed. Four people had scores invalidated during PBF 6.02 due to this problem or some other factor that corrupted the mission file. Fortunately, the PBF CS’s investigation was able to conclude that the mission file was corrupt and each Pilot was able to re-fly and post a valid score. Please fly the missions regularly and develop strategy with the other members of the fleet (your squad first off, but if you feel like sharing with everyone else, that is no problem). If you believe you are getting results that are inconsistent from your Squadmates, downlaod a fresh copy of the mission and fly again.

Now, what you’ve all been waiting for:

Final Results & Stats for PBF 6.02

([<|=(PBF*MRM)=|>]) PBF Mission Report Medal

Rekstar Rukilian
Fed “Doc” Barron

These two Pilots stood out from the many Narratives submitted this month and you can read them all on the PBF Forum.

Top Pilot: LCL Arloz Zaffro [<|=(V)=|>]) PBF Medal of Victory
Top Squad: Gold Squadron
Top Wing: Hope Wing

Blue                  LGN Wes Belden
Red                   LCL Dalton Strader
Fireclaw            GEN Licah Fox
Green             COL Ste T
Gold                  VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran
Crimson             LCL Arloz Zaffro

Valor             LCL Dalton Strader
Hope                  GEN Licah Fox
Crusader            LCL Arloz Zaffro

1. Gold Squadron            396       557,516 12
2. FireClaw Squadron      376       504,469 10
3. Red Squadron             338       475,851 11
4. Blue Squadron            300       390,610 8
5. Green Squadron       273       378,862 9
6. Crimson Squadron       208       267,764 8

1. Hope Wing                  649       883,331 19
2. Valor Wing             638       866,461 19
3. Crusader Wing            604       825,280 20

58/59 (98%)

This is the highest percentage ever in the PBF. Nice work everyone. A Bonus Merit point for everyone who participated in PBF 6.02.

1. Crusader       20/20 (100%)
2. Hope             19/19 (100%)
3. Valor            19/20 (95%)

--SQUAD REPORTS-- Everyone who flew has earned a {[-PBFMoA-]} PBF Activity Medal.

1. Gold             12/12 (100%)
2. Red             11/11 (100%)
3 FireClaw       10/10 (100%)
4. Green            9/9       (100%)
5. Crimson       8/8       (100%)
6. Blue             8/9       (89%)

Needless to say, this is an impressive showing. Keep it up!!!
The current Patriot Battle Fleet mission is:

PBF 6.03 -- \"Asteroid Sabacc\"

The deadline for the current mission is Sunday, February 27, 2005 at 11:59 p.m. EDT (Narratives due Wednesday March 2, 2005).

Fly Fast & Shoot Straight!

Vice Admiral Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran
PBF Commanding Officer

Colonel Vykk Tharen
PBF Executive Officer

Colonel Gavin Phalon
PBF Second Officer/Errand Boy

--Rebel Squadrons-- a H.I.E.R.* organization--
--(* Honesty, Integrity, Equanimity, Respect)--


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