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Merits & Medals NL for PBF 6.02

By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Basic Announcement, Feb 04, 2005
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Greetings Pilots,

Just a quick note to let y\'all know that the Medals & Merits have been awarded through PBF 6.02. Those of you who pay attention to the PBF Merit Board will notice that the Merit Badges have been restructured.

The PBF Merit System has been restructured to recognize overall activity by a Pilot and by Squadron. Basically, the more active you are during any PBF Mission will be rewarded according to the following system:


-=Fleet Missions=-
Points Reason

3 Completed Mission
2 Failed Mission
1 Short Narrative
2 Long Narrative
3 1st Place Squadron / MoV / MRM
2 2nd Place Squadron
1 3rd Place Squadron
1 100% Squadron / 75% Fleet Reporting

* 7 points is the highest total that can be awarded for an individual pilot. It is a Cap, so if you earn more 8 or 9 etc., they do not count)

** If a pilot fails the mission but has the highest point total, they do not win MoV, and they do not qualify for the 3 points.

*** Fleet CS/Mission Builder that scores higher than the MoV Winner also recieves 3 points.

1 Squadron / Wing Mission Report

* These are awarded separately by Squad/Wing CS with approval from the Fleet CS. They do not factor in to the 7 point Cap from the Fleet Missions. It is the Squad/Wing CS responsibility to get this info to the PBF CS so that everyone gets the merit they earn.

** Only 1 merit can be awarded per pilot per month (even if a pilot flys multiple missions). The pilot in question must also have flown/reported on the current PBF Fleet mission to qualify for this point.

If you have questions about Fleet Merits or you are missing from the Merit Board, contact your Squadron CO first.

Many have already flown PBF 6.03 \"Asteroid Sabaac\" and are having fun chasing TBs. Time to start flying everyone!

Out for now.


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