Rebel Squadrons

Changes in the IBG

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Feb 16, 2005
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In the operations central aboard the New Trassk Base platform, Himm stood by the wiewport and watched as the shuttles arrived with the commanding officers from the wings and squadrons. Of the cap ships in the fleet, the Blood Fang and the \"new\", not yet named, VSD II belonging to Phalcun, could be seen from the wiewport. The Wildcards had the base patrol this morning, and from time to time they swept by outside.

The door hissed open, and Himm turned to greet Jon, his XO. \"Ah, you\'re home again. Excellent. I guess you got my message, so you know the agenda,\" Himm Said. Jon nodded. \"Yes, I got it. It\'s sad, but I guess this is what we need to do.\" Before they could say more, the squadron commanders started to enter the room, taking their seats around the table. Himm sat down, and pushed some buttons on the holo control pad. A picture of the fleet came alive, along with the current IBG Roster.

\"Welcome all,\" Himm started when they had all arrived. \"Todays meeting will be short, but I\'ve got something important to bring up. If you\'ll all look at the Roster\" - he removed the picture of the fleet so only the Roster was hanging over the table - \"you\'ll see that we\'ve lost a good number of pilots in the last couple of operations.\" He was quiet for a couple of seconds. \"This has forced me to make some changes. The fleet staff has looked at different alternatives for handling the situation, and we\'ve come to a conclusion. It will be done in two steps, beginning immediately.\" Again he pushed some buttons on his console, and Nightwolf\'s roster dominated the wiew alone. Nightwolf had taken the heaviest losses, and only the two veterans making up the squad staff remained. Reabel, Nightwolf CO, sat quiet in his chair. Pain could be seen in his eyes. \"The first step,\" Himm continued, \"will be to decommission Nightwolf. Reab and Mystic have worked hard and fought brave, but as the situation is, we don\'t have pilots available. The decision is therefore to relieve Reab and Mystic from their duties in Nightwolf, and let them transfer to other squadrons.\" Reab looked up, but said nothing. Ton and Djapana, seated on each side of him, both put a hand on his shoulders. They both knew too well what it felt like to loose pilots under their command. James and Anton nodded, sympathy on thier faces. Himm looked at his staff before he went on. \"So effective today, Nightwolf is put to rest. Their ship, Blood Fang, will remain in the fleet, but without proper fighter support, we\'re forced to give her a more defensive assignment. At least until the High Command find they need her another place.\" He sighed. \"Well, that\'s the first step. The second step will involve Stinger. Their losses have been heavy as well. For now I will let Stinger operate under Ton\'s command for a few more days. Expect a similar solution for them in the near future, though.\" Himm looked at Ton. \"So maybe you\'d better prepare your pilots for what is coming, in order for them to find out which squads they want to transfer to.\" Ton nodded.

After a few more minutes with talk and discussion on practical details, the meeting was over. Noone said much; this was a sad day for the Intrepid Battle Group.



Well, as you see, Nightwolf has been decommissioned. It is my sincere hope that we one day will have the squadron back out there with us. I\'m below adding the statement from Reab, Nightwolf Commanding Officer. I will also use this opportunity to thank Reab and Mystic for their faithfullness and dedication to their squad. I know you\'ve put a lot of yourself into this squadron, and I know as well that it\'s not much fun when all your efforts seem to be in vain. I\'ve had the pleasure of working close with both of them for a long time, and I can only say that I\'m proud of being able to say just that. Thanks to both of you.

Dagger 4


This is Reab\'s statement:

Esteemed Members of the IBG,

I come to you all today, to Remember Nightwolf Squadron, As it goes forward, into a deep sleep. For now, it shall be dead, but may be resurrected at a later date, who knows.

I first became the Commanding Officer only about 1-1 ½ months after I joined the Rebel Squadrons. It was the first command for me, and shall always remain in my memory. For the Past 1 ¾ of a year, I have gone through rough times, good times, and times that make remember exactly why I joined the RS (because it\'s a group of great people, all of whom love Star Wars).

Lately, Nightwolf, like a lot of the RS, has been lagging behind. We have come to the point, where there are only two members left to Nightwolf, Mystic Warrior and I. Thanks to Mystic, we survived just a little longer, but eventually, time
caught up with us.

In finishing, I would like to List the members of Nightwolf that could not be here today, that have changed it drastically, and were great friends:

BGN Daryus Zalyn`Cya

MAJ Darkslime (Reserve)

CPT Cujo Haln *Retired*

MAJ Bo Wiseman (Reserve)

2LT Kyle Archer (Reserve)

And of course,

MGN Mystic Warrior

I knew from the beginning, that this would end some time, and now, I\'m not mad, I\'m not saddened, Because I know, that some day, everyone in the IBG, will see this squadron of B-Wings fly again!

Thanks again to mystic, and too all other IBG Pilots who have made the RS a truly fun place to be. I\'ll see you all In combat.


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