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Renegade Fleet NL

By GEN Phil DarkFire
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Mar 09, 2005
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Renegade Fleet NL (07/03/05)

Afternoon pilots. This is my first Fleet-wide NL since taking charge of the RgF. I\'d like to appologise for not getting this out sooner since the end of RgF4.01 but RL commitments have slowed me down somewhat.

RgF402 Results:

27 reports were submitted out of 45 which is a 60% turnout. I\'m pleased to see activity from more than half the Fleet, but would like to see this greatly increased as the majority of pilots remaining in the fleet should be active. Again i do understand that people have RL commitments which must come first, but pilots are able to report a 0 if they cannot fly and this at least shows some sort of activity or signs of life!.

Top Ace: The battle for the title of Top Ace was extremely close this mission with three pilots all posting scores within 570 points of one another. I\'d like to compliment CMDR Dyl\'jo\'ban, VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran & 1LT Carlos on some great flying. Ultimately there can only be one Top Ace though, and Ban came through with a score of 41,570.

Top Squadron: Just like the last mission the Top Squadron spot was again closely contested by both Resurrection and Twilight who both achieved scores over 100k. This time around though the positions were reversed with Rza taking the tops spot with 63% of pilots reporting. Ragnarok came in 3rd followed by Dragon, Jedi & RDS. Lets hope this close competition continues throughout the tour and gives the other squads an incentive to catch up.

Top Wing: Scorpion Wing had an impressive turnout to take Top Wing this mission with Guardian slipping to second while DOW came third.

The Fleet merits have all been updated for those that participated and medals awarded. This mission there were no written narratives.

Other Medals:

1. Now that i am the fully fledged CO i can award Spokes the following medal for outstanding participation in both SP and MP for the RgF. Spokes i hearby award you the Order of the Renegade. Congrats, you now join an elite group of pilots.

2. For activites in the February WoW i have the pleasure of awarding Spokes the RgF Medal of Valor, and both Dave and Alex the RgF Merit Pin. Congratulations guys!

3. As such it is sad news that COL Cay-Qel \"Pyro\" Jade, a long standing member of Jedi Squadron and the current DOW CO is standing down due to RL constraints. For your efforts Cay i am awarding you RgF Honorary Membership.


Front and center CPT Corut \'Po Col. For your deidicated flying career over the last two years I\'d like to congratulate you on your promotion to the rank of MAJ.


1. Please welcome 2LT Taliir Vrill & 2LT Galactic Angel to the Fleet as they join Jedi & Twilight respectively.

2. RgF4.02 has been out for a while now and a number of pilots have already flown. The mission is different from the first and sets some new challenges and i can see some close scores again with this one.

3. I am aware that there has been a need for some sort of MP activity within the fleet to keep pilots motivated. I\'m glad to say that LCL Dave \"Tenacious\"\'D\' (your humble Fleet XO) has been working on developing a 5 mission MP campaign. The first mission has been in testing and is almost ready for release. There are just some technical difficulities with organising the reporting structure but as soon as they are ironed out the mission will be released. There won\'t be an expectation for every pilot to report as i know some people are unable to fly due to computer / internet constraints. But to report on the mission you must have a minimum of two pilots flying. Merits and medals will be awarded for participation.

4. Another means of getting MP action is through the WoW (Week Of War). Please check the messageboard for recent posts on activity and how to get involved.

5. If you want to know whats going on with the Fleet between NL\'s then please keep an eye on the \"News\" section on the RgF site: I try to keep this updated on a daily basis.

COL Phil DarkFire


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