Rebel Squadrons

Retribution Wing NL - March 16, 2005

By CMDR Rekstar Rukilian
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 16, 2005
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(written by LCM Alexander, edited and posted by LCM Rekstar Rukilian)

Table of Contents

1. Current Mission - R2F 8.08 Revamped
2. Current state of Retribution.
3. Our Cadets? Active or not?
4. Our "active duty" officers, active or not?

1. Current Mission

For all that do not know already, our current mission is R2F 8.08 and can be found at this link.

It's the very top mission in a zip file: ("Checkmate-Revamped")

Let's get flying, people. So far we've got 5 mission reports, yet there are 14 active officers here. That's 36% reporting. Although it's better than I expected to see, it's not what I'd like to see. We have 10 days left to fly this mission, as it is due on March 26. It's not too difficult, I've flown the first and second version of our revamping, but still believe that this is still not too difficult.

Also, currently I am working on Mission 8.09 (not yet named, as far as I know) and will be submitting it to LCM Sergio Mantis within the next 4 days or so.

2. Current State of Retribution Wing

We have two returning members to Retribution Wing: CMDR Rode Mitchell and LCM Mathow Bizegar. It is outstanding that you both are returning in our wing's darkest hour. I thank you very much for rejoining us as we push toward trying to become a fleet once more.

So far, we have 15 officers and 5 cadets in the wing. Although that is better than last month's 13 members of the wing, we need to start working on our activity and recruiting.

We are now organized and ready to conduct most any further business around here in Retribution: mission building and testing are moving along now, command staff activty level is up and myself and Max are fully active throughout the week. Bethan, our CO, is still not able to get on the Internet with his own laptop, but is working on replacing his broken parts.

So far, our broken down ISD Prometheus is now up and running. Still not able to travel through hyperspace at standard speed, we are yet able to move along at relatively sufficient effectiveness. (Those of you who know not what I'm saying, this means that our CS is no longer deadwood here and that our Interactive Tours of Duty will still be continuing, whether or not every pilot flies them. I personally will be staying on as SO as long as it takes for us to become a fleet full of active members once again.)

3. Our Cadets? Are they Active?

Consider this an AWOL check for all Cadets, new and old to Retribution, to be due in exactly two weeks from this day (March 16, 2005 is today, so this means that you must reply by March 30, 2005). If you need help settling into the RS, or need help in learning how we operate here, please let us know: Send an email to myself, Max, and Bethan, as well as Sergio and Rekstar; and are my most active email addresses. is Bethan's email address, and he checks it at least once a week, if not more. Max's email is and he checks it almost every other day if not more. Sergio's email is and he checks it often every day, except for now he is on LOA for about two weeks. Lastly, Rekstar's email address is and he definitely checks it every day.

So send an email to Red-Hand Squadron's CO LCM Sergio Mantis and to Red-Hand Squadron's XO LCM Rekstar Rukillian if you wish to remain an active Cadet. Tell them that you need to know what to do in order to graduate as a Lieutenant Junior Grade (LJG) or with honors as a 2nd Lieutenant (2LT) in the Rebel Squadrons.

4. Our Officers. Are they active?

Consider this an AWOL/Activity check for all Retribution's officers (an officer here in the RS is a Lieutenant Junior Grade or higher, in case you didn't know) that is to be summarized in 2 weeks (14 Earth Days. An Earth day is 24 hours long. an hour is 60 minutes. and a minute is 60 seconds. If you don't know what this, I cannot help you, at all....) on March 30, 2005.

Those that we already know are active have shown activity either by helping make missions and/or testing them, and/or by reporting on them. Also, communication on a regular basis is a good example that you are active. So let's get chatting/emailing and flying/reporting.

Those who have already flown and/or reported a narrative (narratives alone are worth zero points, but still earn you a merit point for reporting and a possible Mission Report Medal for the best narrative of the month's mission. If you need to see an example of a narrative, ask myself and/or Sergio and Rek or Max and Bethan and we can give you an example and help you.) are:
  • CMDR Max Cal (Mission Flown) Score: 39,943, 28 Kills
  • LCM Mathow Bizegar (Mission Flown) Score: 24,508, 15 Kills
  • LCM Sergio Mantis (Mission Flown w/Narrative) Score: 22,031, 22 Kills
  • 1LT Charylie Skylighter (Mission Flown) Score: 15,205, 18 Kills
  • LCM Alexander (Narrative Only) - Score: 0, Kills: 0

So far, Max is in the lead with the second highest score being Mat Bizegar with a whopping 15,435 points behind Max, and 15 kills less than Max.

Thanks for you attention pilots. Dismissed!

Lt. Commander Alexander
Retribution SO


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