Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL, March 2005

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Mar 21, 2005
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IBG NL March 2005


Here is the March edition of the newsletter. This is what you\'ll get:

1. ITOD 5.04
2. ITOD 5.05
3. Recent changes in the IBG
4. Multi-player activity
5. Medals and awards
6. Conclusion

Let\'s get to it.

1. ITOD 5.04

This mission was much delayed, due to lack of personell resources in the ITOD Team. But we got it at last, and soon the fight for the top was running hot. Some of the newer pilots started out very good, but again the veterans woke up and fought back. And when suddenly Richo threw in a top score, some probably guessed that it was all over. In the end, though, Kicks managed to get a score far ahead of the rest of us. By this he collected his third Gold Wings, and might very well be the next member of the Platinum Wings Society. jc made a nice show of it as well, and ended up by taking home to the Dragon\'s Fire his second Silver Wings. For Draco this was a nice mission, as Richo held the third spot, and won the Bronze wings. Well done, all of you!

The final Top 5 looks like this:

BGN Chris Horn \"Kicks\"/Dagger Squadron/10,705/50
MGN Himm El-Syna/Dagger Squadron/9,710/45
CMDR jmcgoo/Draco Squadron/7,416/24
MAJ Richo/Draco Squadron/6,610/8
CPT Vason Senmic/Wildcard Squadron/5,715/1

Among the squadrons, Dagger did as they usually do. With two squads recently decommissioned, I\'d expected a bit more competition, but we\'ll see if this maybe gets better as people gets used to their new quarters. The final standing is like this:

Dagger Squadron/36,858/104/6
Draco Squadron/26,875/50/6
Wildcard Squadron/11,251/19/5
Phalcun Squadron/3,786/2/3

Draco had the higest percentage of reports, and won this month\'s Golden Chalice. Congratulations!

2. ITOD 5.05

We really hoped we should be on time this month, but then RL struck. The mission is almost done, but still need some fixing. Due to lack of mission makers I\'ll go at it as soon as I\'ve gotten this NL out.
Unfortunately, this is part of being an online club with members living in the real world; one can\'t always foresee what\'s around the next corner. So don\'t get mad at our three mission makers; they work hard, but XWA isn\'t the easiest game to make missions for. We could also need one more tester on the team.
If you feel that this is something you\'d like to look into, send jc a word. A new mission maker will be given the help needed to become familiar with AlliEd. The same for a new tester; he or she will get the help needed to become a real pain in that famous place for the poor mission makers.

So, please, be patient for a couple more days, and then we should have it ready.


As you\'ll have seen from previous mails, we\'ve made some changes in our fleet recently. Stinger and Nightwolf squadrons have both been put to rest for the time being. Those pilots in there who could be counted among the active, have been moved over to the other squadrons. Hopefully this will strengthen those squads, and spark a higher level of activity among the four remaining squadrons.

We\'re down to less than 40 pilots in the IBG now, but the inflow of cadets is relatively stable, and I have good hopes that we will see a higher number of members a few months from now. Some have asked if we will move one squad from Chiin\'Tal to Titan. I don\'t intend to do so now. Jon and I have talked this over, and Jon has written a proposal we\'ll send to High Command on this. We need to do so, as we\'re right now not following the bylaws. More information will follow on this when HC has had their say.


I never stop being surprised when it comes to MP. Most pilots says they\'d like to see more of it, but few actually fly. We have our excellent LIC up and running, and Mystic has done a lot of work to get it there. I\'d really like to see other pilots reporting in matches. There\'s fun to be had, merits to win, and medals to take home.

Also, the Inter-Club Training Event is still running on Saturdays, last I heard. I know it can be boring for XWA pilots, as few other clubs shows up (at least that\'s what the reports says). It\'s worth taking a look at, though. The time may be a bit awkward for our european and australian pilots, but that\'s how it is.

Also, the Week of War still takes place once a month. Ask Jon about this if you\'re interested. It requires that you get an account at, so get him to explain it to you :)

I\'d like to award a few medals for those few who\'ve been active in WoW recently. We have a few MP medals in the IBG. For more than a year now they\'ve been \"dead\", as it was the intention that i.e. WoW activity should be rewarded with RS wide medals. As far as I can see, this doesn\'t happen too often, so for now I will revive what medals we have.

The first one is the IBG Combat Patch. It\'s awarded to any pilot that plays a match in a battle against outside clubs. This medal can be awarded once, and a couple of pilots who flew last month haven\'t got it earlier. That is Spokes and Alex; Kicks already has this one. This medal is awarded once. The text representation is like this: -(§)- and you can now add it to your signature if you want to.

The second medal is the IBG Greoop Crescent. It\'s awarded to the pilot with the most wins in a battle with another club. For now I\'ll let that mean the one with the most win in a WoW. This one will go to Spokes. He\'s the number one MP pilot in the IBG, and anyone who see him on IRC should ask to get a chance to fly with him. As Spokes is now our new RSFC, he might have a hard time flying much MP, but don\'t let that stop you from asking :) The text Representation for this medal is: `~-¤-~`

Finally, on MP - I\'ve been talking to Phil about making the LIC site available for the pilots of the RgF. Mystic will look into this as soon as he\'s back from his LOA. I think this will be fun, and hopefully this is the first step towards more cooperation between our fleets.


BGN Chris Horn \"Kicks\", you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for you win on ITOD mission 5.04. Impressive flying out there! Congratulations!

CMDR jmcgoo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for your fine flying on ITOD mission 5.04. Well done, Commander, and congratulations!

Major Richo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for placing third on ITOD mission 5.04. Congratulations! You can get another storage box for your medals over at Rebel\'s Fist if you need to.

Pilots of Draco squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Commander\'s Golden Chalice for your efforts on ITOD mission 5.04. The medal will be awarded to those pilots who reported in. Congratulations!

The Mission Report Medal will this month be awarded to all three pilots that took the time to write a story for the rest of us to enjoy. I\'d like to thank each of you for this. THe narratives are nice, and I\'m impressed over what you\'re able to come up with. With the hope that we\'ll see more like it in the future, I hereby award the IBG Mission Report Medal to 2LT Stirlitz, LCM Alexander, and LCL Ton Matty. Congratulations!

VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Greoop Crescent and the IBG Combat Patch for your efforts and achievements in MP. Congratulations! It\'s very much of an inspiration to have a leader in this club that actually plays the games we love.

LCM Alexander, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Combat Patch for your MP activity. Keep it up, and I\'m sure more pilots will fly alongside you in the future :)

Merits for all the different activities have been updated. If you think I might have missed out on something, then let me know right away.


Well, I have to hurry and start up my AlliEd, so I\'ll make this short. I hope to see many more of you on IRC in the days to come. It\'s always fun to talk to you, and being in #IBG is certainly the best way to stay in touch with what goes on. So, see you there!

And, if anyone wants to invent a new RS medal, might I suggest you make it the Second Language Medal, to be awarded to offisers who frequently have to battle the mysteries of the foreign, english language?

That\'s all for now. Happy flying to you all!

MGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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