Rebel Squadrons

R2W NL March 30, 2005 - End of R2F 8.08

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Mar 30, 2005
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Out of the depths of the silence that permeated for too long on the Prometheus, a blaring voice issued forth from the intercom as it ululated throughout the entire ship. "Attention, attention, all pilots report to the Retribution Wing briefing room. Repeat..." Max stood in the room as the report was echoing throughout all compartments; of course he knew what it was all about- after all, Max made sure that the announcement was made. He knew that there would be much commotion when the pilots assembled in the room, if the pilots found their way in...

The pilots assembled in various chairs in the lounge. A new CS and new pilots were abound. So without further ado, Max began...

"Well, as I'm sure you all are well aware, we've had numerous changes that have occurred in the R2W within the last few months. For starters, we've finally become active again, after a few months of inactivity. After Cable resigned and Bethan took over, Argon eventually resigned and I assumed the R2FXO slot. This left an open slot that was eventually filled by LCM Alexander. Alex, make yourself known to everyone."

Alex waved to everyone and sat back down.

"After Alex got us moving again, it was eventually realized that the R2F website needed more attention than was previously given so the position of R2FIO was created and filled by LCM Rekstar Rukilian. Rek, as some of you may know, is the RSCoS, so make sure that if you have any complaints about the RS you address them to him, not me. Rek, stand up and say hi to everyone."

Rek stood up and said hi to everyone then sat back down.

"Next, the CS realized that cadets should have some basic sort of orientation instead of bouncing around. This promotes retention of cadets, which we so desparately need. So, LCM Sergio Mantis volunteered for the job and is the CO of Red-Hand Squadron, in addition to being the R2FTO. Also, Rek volunteered to head up as the second in command of this squadron. Sergio, please make yourself known."

Sergio stood up and said hi to everyone.

"Lastly, the ITOD that had been on the table for some time was fixed and slightly modified. The mission was flown and was due on the 26th of this month. The top gun of the mission goes to LCM Mathow Bizegar, who successfully completed the mission with a score of 39,291. Congrats, Mat. Next, we have the top squadron which goes to Hydra Squadron, with four reports with a combined score of 115,436. Good job to all who flew- your merit points will be added to your profiles shortly. In a final piece of business, I've been told that the next ITOD mission will be posted within the next few days, as soon as the mission successfully completes testing. Further info will be given out when the mission is released. As for everyone else who is new, make yourselves known. One last piece of news, LJG Skylighter, please stand up. You've been nominated and promoted to 1st Lieutenant by me and VA Spokes, respectively. And finally, we're getting to one more thing that I almost forgot to mention. The mission report medal goes to LCM Sergio Mantis for a great report. Additional medals and awards will be posted in the upcoming days and will be announced in an email or emails to the wing. Congrats to all who did fly and have a good night at the B&G."


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