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Renegade Fleet NL

By GEN Phil DarkFire
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Apr 02, 2005
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Renegade Fleet NL (02/04/05)

Afternoon pilots. Gladly this newsletter is being released quicker than the last! So lets get down to business!

RgF402 Results:

23 reports were submitted out of 45 which is a 51% turnout, and a disappointing drop from the last mission. Again we just managed to maintain Fleet activity at above half but this should be much higher. We\'ve already lost two pilots since the conclusion of this mission with the Fleet strength down to 43! I don\'t wish to be the bearer of bad news but we have come to a point where the Fleet cannot support six squadrons. This has put the CS in a difficult position where initially one squadron which has alot of history is going to be lost until pilot numbers pick up. No decisions have been made on which squad but it will be based on recent pilot activity. I\'d like to see a drastic turnaround in flying when the next mission is released. Yes, XvT is an old game, and we do struggle to recruit new members, so for those of us that are left i want to make sure there is fun an competition to be had.. Again I do understand that people have RL commitments which must come first, but pilots are able to report a 0 if they cannot fly and this at least shows some sort of activity or signs of life!.

Top Ace: The battle for the title of Top Ace was again extremely close this mission with good scores above 30k from five pilots. In only his third mission though 1LT Carlos secured Top Ace with an impressive score of 46,090. LCL Rekio Corsair Tarentae took 2nd spot with VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran coming in 3rd. I\'d like to thank every pilot who took the effort to report no matter what the score.

Top Squadron: Just as I was hoping for there has been some stiff competion between the squadrons. Rza were knocked down to 4th spot while Dragon stepped up to take Top Squadron with some high scoring from four pilots. Twilight had another strong performance taking second spot again. Ragnarok came in fifth with Jedi behind them. I hope this close competition continues throughout the tour and gives the other squads an incentive to catch up.

Top Wing: With both Dragon and Twilight taking 1st & 2nd for the squads it will come of no real suprise to see Guardian take the Top Wing spot from Scorpion with DOW in 3rd.

The Fleet merits have all been updated for those that participated and medals awarded. I was also pleased to see a number of written narratives for this mission, and would like to congratulate LCM Rahvin on being awarded the Mission Report Medal.

Other Medals:.

1. For activites in the February WoW and placing 10th overall I have the pleasure of awarding Spokes the RgF Medal of Valor.


1. For his continued performances for Twilight assisting with a new lease of life for the squad I\'d like to congratulate Black Eagle on his promotion to 1LT! Drinks are on Black Eagle in the bar tonight!

2. For his efforts in actively recruiting pilots for for his squadron and a constant level of activity i hereby promote MAJ Rahvin to LCM. Congrats Rahvin!


1. Sadly this decision has been coming for a while due to all my commitments within the Fleet. I will be stepping down as Scorpion CO and would like to welcome applications through the normal channels for the position.

2. RgF4.03 should be out shortly and i\'m sure it will be as much fun as the first two missions of the tour. I\'d like to thank Cable for his continued efforts in making the missions.

3. With regard multiplayer activity for the fleet, Avoton101 has been out for a while now for people to fly. I hope this can satisfy those wanting something more than SP. The mission can be found at:

4. Again if you want to know whats going on with the Fleet between NL\'s then please keep an eye on the \"News\" section on the RgF site: I try to keep this updated on a daily basis.

5. Please welcome 2LT Carth to the Fleet. He has graduated with honors and been placed in RDS.

BGN Phil DarkFire


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