Rebel Squadrons

R2W NL April 29, 2005- end of R2F 8.09

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Apr 30, 2005
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Ok, by popular demand, here is the end of the mission report for 8.09.

Max, having thoroughly enjoyed his mutton and the attractive stewardess who talked with him for hours on end, finally got back to writing the report that he would address to the pilots. Not much changed since the last mission, although the ship had been prepared. So, the orders were given and the pilots were assembled in the same room in the Prom. Max began after the ritual exchange of salutes:

\"Ok all, at ease. First, I would like to compliment all of you who patched up the Prometheus after that little bout from the saboteur. Next, we get to mission affairs. With a whopping cumulative score of 287,599 to 108,236, Hydra Squadron has beat out Wraith yet again for the second time in a row. Also, Mat has once again reclaimed the throne of top gun- congrats Mat; we should also note that we had an additional pilot who has come back from leave to report on this mission- Col. Azzameen, a veteran of the R2F. Say hi to everyone Dev.\"
Dev waves hi to everyone.
\"Now, getting back to business- the most difficult award to hand out, that being the Mission Report Medal. Let me tell you all that your entries were very good and very difficult to decide on a winner. However, in light of the fact that something has to be done, I am awarding the MRM to none other than... drumroll please.\"
Drumroll commences then ends.
\"Major Tiar \'Skosh\' Garnin. Congrats to all who did fly- your merit points have been updated and the lists have been updated to correspond to your recent activity. Expect a Hawaiian pig roast at the Recluse in a few days for the end of the tour activities and drinks. Finally, Skosh, Mat, and the Hydras, the drinks are on you tonight. One more thing, I have a proposition for you all. I was wondering if you all could pull out your literary wit and write about something that your character either did or does on the Prom in the interrim between the end of the mission report and the end of the tour report. I think I can give a deadline of a week, at which point the winner will be announced in the end of the tour report and will be presented with a cool medal. For guidelines, feel free to write about whatever you want as long as the following guidelines are observed...

1) Nothing that goes against H.I.E.R.
2) Nothing that breaks the \"reality rules\" set up by Aurora Force (just to ensure nothing gets too out-there).
3) The Prom cant get blown up, nor can any of the CS challenge each other to lightsaber fights, nor can any member of the R2F get killed (unless you bring him/her back from the dead but that would breach the AF rules).
4) Have fun, mwhahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

That is all- to the winners, drinks are on you tonight.\"

-Cmdr. Cal


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