Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL April/May 2005

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, May 02, 2005
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Some days late, here is the monthly NL.

  1. ITOD 5.05

  2. ITOD 5.06

  3. MP activity

  4. Medals and awards

  5. Conclusion

- - -

1. ITOD 5.05

The fifth mission in our current tour ended with a crushing victory for Draco. They were far ahead of the other squads, and never had much competition on this one. Well done, Dracos! With Richo back in the cockpit, and now also accompanied by Stirlitz, Draco will be hard to go up against. Richo won yet another Gold Wing this month with impressive flying as always. Congratulations, Richo! The Silver Wings was won by Stirlitz. A special congratulations to him, as this was his first individual mission medal. I\'m certain it wasn\'t his last. Excellent, Stirlitz! The Bronze Wing goes to Patryck and Wildcard. Having just returned to the Idiot\'s Array, Patryck set a good example to his fellow WC\'s. Good work, Patryck!Kicks and jc both were involved in the making of the mission; I\'ve decided to let their scores count on this one, as both were far behind the top scores.

The Top 5 looks like this:

1. MAJ Richo/Draco/11,157/22
2. 1LT Stirlitz/Draco/8,715/31
3. BGN Chris Horn \"Kicks\"/Dagger/2,548/15
4. LCL jmcgoo/Draco/2,459/2
5. CPT Patryck Owen/Wildcard/2,234/8

The overall participation almost reached 50%. That\'s not very good, so each squadron has got some work to do here. I hope to see 75% percent on the next one. The Commander\'s Golden Chalice this month was very close; Draco had 5 out of 10 pilots reporting, while Dagger had 6 out of 11. One more report from Brig\'s pilots, and they\'d made it. As it was now, the Daggers won the Chalice. Congratulations!

Between the squadrons the standing ended like this:

Dagger/5,332/26 6

2. ITOD 5.06

I\'m sorry to say this, but as usual the mission is delayed. It should be ready any minute now, so I hope to see it posted very soon. In the meantime, go fly the bonus mission! All who reports in will earn merit points. In addition, we decided to make a special Bonus Mission Patch. Two more bonus missions will be released over the next few months, and anyone that reports in on all three bonus mission will be awarded this patch. So go fly it!

3. MP activity

The last few weeks have seen a rise in the MP activity among our pilots. This is fun, and I hope to see more of it! For the first time for months there even were awarded medals in our Leagues of Interpersonal Competition/Domination League. Make sure to report flown matches here. Not only can you win medals, but you will earn merit points as well.

MP activity isn\'t all about flying. Go read this thread on the forums to learn all about the Independence Game. There\'s lot of fun going on there, so you should have no need to hang around being bored in front of your comp.
If anyone want to make something similar on a smaller scale for the IBG to enjoy, then please feel free to do so. Such activity will be rewarded.

4. Medals and awards

MAJ Richo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for you victory in ITOD mission 5.05. Congratulations!

1LT Stirlitz, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for your flying on ITOD mission 5.05. Congratulations with this your first mission Wing!

CPT Patryck Owen, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for placing third on ITOD mission 5.05. Congratulations!

Pilots of Dagger squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Commander\'s Golden Chalice for having the highest reporting percentage on ITOD mission 5.05. The medal will be awarded to those pilots who reported in. Congratulations!

This month the Mission Report Medal will be awarded to three of the four pilots turning in a story. Stirlitz, Alex, and Jace all delivered a nice little piece of text, and I had very fun reading them. jc\'s story is nice as well, but it\'s simply a bit too short to earn the medal this time. So, I hereby award the IBG MRM to 1LT Stirkitz, LCM Alexander Vandross, and 2LT Jace \"Icer\" Blackmoon. Thanks, I hope to read more in the future.

Every month we see pilots coming and going in our fleet. This month we got the resignation note from one of our veterans, GEN Licah Fox. Licah reported in on his first mission in the IBG back in January 2002, and he\'s flown or reported in on almost every missions since then. Licah has also been one of those most actively present in #IBG. He\'s always been willing to help his fellow pilots out if they had anything they needed help with. Further, Licah\'s way of being a friendly and good-hearted pilot is exemplary. Licah will be missed - in fact, he already is - in the IBG. For my own part, and on behalf of the IBG staff and the IBG itself, I\'d like to say a heartfelt \"Thank you\" to Licah. Then, I have the honor of awarding General Licah Fox our most prestigeous medal; the IBG Honorary Member Award. This medal is awarded to \"any member that resigns their commission from the IBG, that has served their time with honor and above the call of duty\".

5. Conclusion

We\'re closing in on summer. I guess some of you\'re about to enter a busy period with exams and test. Good luck to each one of you! For those among us that can look back at exams as something in a distant, barely remembered past - enjoy the beautiful days of spring and early summer (or autumn/winter if you\'re down under somewhere). Anyway, have fun, fly fast and shoot straight!

MGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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