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Renegade Fleet NL

By GEN Phil DarkFire
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, May 28, 2005
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Renegade Fleet NL (28/05/05)

Hope everyone is sitting comfortably as this is likely to be a long NL. I\'ll cover the recent mission first, but then I\'m going to be explaining some of the changes that will be taking place to the Fleet roster in the next week or so and the reasons behind them.

RgF403 Results:

This month we had 28 reports submitted which is an increase on last month giving a 60% turnout. I\'m glad to see this increasing and I\'d like to see us still doing better. Every pilot should be active, and if they cannot actually fly the mission for whatever reason a 0 can be reported and counted.

Top Ace: Each mission ow we are having some very close battles for Top Ace! There were again some impressive scores with two standing out. Fighting off the challenge this month to take Top Ace for the 2nd mission this tour, with a great score of 51,116 was CMDR Dyl\'jo\'ban. He managed to beat out an impressive score by 1LT Carlos which had been posted early in the campaign that didn\'t look like getting beaten. 3rd place ths month was taken by RA Gavin Cantorph Kravis.

Top Squadron: Just as with the individual pilots there was some stiff competition between the squadrons. This month giving us the 3rd different squad this tour we had Red Dragon Squadron taking the Top Squadron spot with an impressive 9 pilots reporting! Dragon put up a strong fight but were knocked down to 2nd while Resurrection moved up one spot to 3rd. Ragnarok, Twilight and then Jedi rounded out the remaining positions. It\'s very pleasing to see all the squads challanging for this position and i am sure RDS will have a strong challenge on the next mission to stay on top!

Top Wing: For the second mission in a row, and again with Dragon and Twilight putting in some consitant performances Guardian again took the Top Wing spot. It was extremely close with Scorpion pushing them all the way and there only being a difference of 5000 points! DOW again came in 3rd.

The Fleet merits have all been updated for those that participated and medals awarded. Again we had two written narratives submitted and I\'d like to thank CMDR Sergio Mantis and CMDR Alexander Vandross for their efforts. With Sergio picking up the RgF Mission Report Medal.

Other Medals:.

1. Although i adwarded this medal earlier in the month i feel it deserves mentioning. LCM Rahvin, for your tireless efforts recently in recruiting both pilots old and new to the RDS thus enabling them to take Top Squadron, and your enthusiasm shown I\'d like to congratulate you on receiving the RgF Medal of Service.

2. MGN Leonard Cable, please step forward. I know this month you made the difficult decision to step down as Rza CO to allow another pilot the opportunity to take on the role. As long as i have been in the squad you\'ve been in charge and led by example. For your efforts i award you the Unit Commanders Commendation

3. This month LGN Wes Belden has retired from the RgF. For all his efforts over his time with the fleet I am proud to award him the RgF Honorary Membership Medal.


None this month


As i mentioned in the last NL some difficult decisions needed to me made in terms the direction the Fleet was taking. This is never an easy thing to do as it usually means treading on the toes of people. However the Fleet CS feel this is in the best interests of the fleet in trying to maintain a competative edge among the squadrons. At this time the following changes will be implemented over the next few weeks.

1. Jedi Squadron has been decommissioned. The current Jedi pilots have been contacted and will be moved to other squadrons should they chose to do so. I\'d like to take the chance to thank LGN Wes Belden for all his efforts over the years he has been in the squad. He is taking this opportunity to retire from RgF aond concentrate on RL commitments.

2. Red Dragon Squadron is moving to Guardian Wing to join up with Dragon and Twilight. This will mean that DOW Wing is also being removed.

3. Phantom Squadron is now a holding squadron for any pilots who are on long term LOA\'s. This will free up spaces in the squadrons and give a better picture of pilot activity. Should anyone return from LOA they will be returned to active status with their squadron.

4. Mentioning activity brings me on to the next point nicely. From RgF404 onwards there will be a policy that if a pilot fails to report for 3 missions in a row ( a 3 month period!) then they will be removed from the Fleet.

5. RgF4.04 should be out shortly.

6. With regard multiplayer activity for the fleet, Avoton102 has been out for a while now for people to fly. The turnout on 101 was i believe 0! If there is a lack of response on this mission then there won\'t be any further missions. I know its sometimes hard for people to get together to fly the missions. Try using the forums or email people direct to arange events. I hope this can satisfy those wanting something more than SP. The mission can be found at:

BGN Phil DarkFire


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