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IBG info/Mini NL

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, May 29, 2005
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Here is some information for you.

Bonus mission results

The bonus mission is well over by now. We had 13 pilots reporting. Thanks to those for contributing to the activity in here. The results can be seen on the ITOD page. Congratulations to Stirlitz for exceptional flying! He also had a nice little narrative; go read it, it\'s worth your time.

As it is with our bonus missions, they\'re for merits and not medals. All who flew have got 1 merit point, and in addition the top three have got 3/2/1 points extra. Also, 1 point has been awarded for having a narrative.

Also, for those who reported in, remember to keep your eyes open for future bonus missions. We will award a special patch for having three bonus mission reports, starting with the one here mentioned.

ITOD 5.06

We got this mission out at last. Due to RL events we never got it tested in the final version, so after I flew it, I found it needed some smal adjustments. The final version has been sent you, and it can now also be found on the ITOD page as well as in the ITOD db. For those few who reprted in on the first version of the mission; I\'m sorry, but you have to refly to get your result on the list.

LIC results

Due to an error on the LIC page, some of the statistics aren\'t correct. This is also the reason no medals/merits have been awarded lately. As soon as Mystic returns, I hope to see this fixed. Just keep flying, the results will be taken care of, and you will get your merits and medals.

Other stuff

Activity in the mail groups are low - read as non-existent - for the time being. Remember that nothing happens unless we do it ourselves. Don\'t sit around and wait for your squad CO to do everything to make things fun for you. If no one else writes, then do it yourself. It can be very fun. Don\'t balem the others for being silent, in stead make sure they hear that you\'re not.
Also, there is a \"what can we do better\" thread on our Forum. Use it to share whatever good ideas you have.

That\'s all for now.

Dagger 4


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