Rebel Squadrons

ITOD 9 has begun

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Fleet NL, Jun 17, 2005
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Lieutenant Colonel Max Cal paced the flight deck of the Prometheus. Off in the distance was the \"Hammer of Justice\" finally out of the mothballs and seeing some action again after quite a few months of inaction. He had fond memories of that ship, especially after saving it a few times in battle. All the pilots assembled and Max began the briefing.

\"I trust all of you had a good break and hopefully flew in the Independence Games. At any rate, we are back in the Osiris Sector after a few years\' absence- well, not exactly. Just on the outskirts of the border is a supply line for the Imps in this sector. That\'s right, we\'re going after Imperials again after spending far too much time with the Warlord. Ironically enough, we\'ll be using one of the Warlord\'s transponder codes to run this op. Here, we\'ll be hyping into battle pretending to be pirates so as not to expose some of our Intel network that still is in existence in the Osiris Sector. More data is in the briefing. At any rate, to install the mission, please see the corresponding website on mission installation in the R2F website under \"Missions\". Also, the missions in this tour will correspond to what your report- please report if the capital ships are destroyed or severely damaged, etc. In addition to all this (sorry y\'all), I\'m experimenting with the idea of having individual squadrons run missions that go with the storyline. Please email me and inform me of what you think. Good luck- I\'ll be flying the mission sometime in July while I wait for my sliced finger to regrow- and may the Force be with you and your reporting. Rek, if you could make Tour 9 available on the ITOD board, that would be spectacular.\"

-Lieutenant Colonel Max Cal
Retribution Wing XO


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