Rebel Squadrons

IBG NL, July 2005

By RA Himm El-Syna
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Jul 04, 2005
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July 2005


A few days late, but finally, here is the July NL.

1. Staff stuff
2. ITOD 5.06
3. ITOD 5.07
4. MP
5. Medals and awards
6. Conclusion

1. Staff stuff

This last month has seen some changes in the Fleet staff. FIrst jc stepped down as IBG SO and ITOD Team CO, and then Jon stepped down as IBG XO. They have both served this fleet well, and contributed significantly in keeping things up and running. THank you both for the time and efforts you\'ve out into it. Luckily, they\'re both still with us, so it\'s my hope that we will also in the future enjoy their knowledge and capasities.
As a consequence of this, we\'had some changes in the staff. Anton has been appointed our new SO. He\'s also taken up the position as Acting Training Officer; James left that spot open when he was appointed our new XO. In addition, shaolin has taken over as TXO, and will be working closely with Anton in taking care of our cadets.
James is well know to you. For a long time now, he\'s been the CO of Wildcard. The fact that he\'s still alive and mentally capable promises well for his time as IBG XO. He\'s done a good job as our TO as well, so I\'m happy to have him as my second in command.
Anton you also knwo well. Anton took up the reign in Phalcun last year, and have managed to get the squadron up and running again. Besides, Anton is one of the most active pilots in #IBG, and I\'m happy that he will share his resources with the rest of us.

Shaolin is new as a staff member. He\'s not been with us very long, but anyone who\'ve met him in #IBG will have learned to appreciate his presence. I\'m glad to have him in the Fleet staff, and feel confident that he will be a valuable resource for the IBG for the years to come.

As it is now, you\'ll notice a few positions are open. I intend to let it be this way for now, and will notify you when we want to start filling them. I want the new XO and SO to settle in before more changes are made.

2. ITOD mission 5.06

The sixth mission in out current tour is history by now. This was a somewhat \"troublesome\" mission, as we had to edit the mission twice along the way. I\'ll take the bigger part of the blame for this, as we didn\'t get to test the mission as thoroughly as we wanted before it was released. In good IBG tradition we\'re low on members in the ITOD Team, and the result is that we can\'t allways have things like we want them. Anyway, we had about the same number of pilots flying this month as we\'ve had for the last handfull of missions. About 50% participation is ok, but not good. with almost 40 pilots on the Roster, I\'d like to have about 30 of them reporting each month. A little something to work on for each squadron there. In any case - Thanks to each one of you that reported in!

The fight for the top was hard this time again. Richo presented a top score as he use to, and I know Anton spent quite a number of hours beating him. Beat him he did, though, and took home his third Gold Wing on this tour. That\'s impressive.
Richo, well, when he fly, you know there goes a medal. So this time again; now bringing back to to the Dragon\'s Fire a Silver Wing. Well done.
The Bronze Wings was won by Kicks. He\'s always flying well, and even though there was a few points up to the top, the medal is well deserved.
I\'d also like to mention shaolin and Spokes, as their scores is high. Unfortunately, they both met some unfriendly Tie\'s along the way, so they ended up dead missionwise. But - good flying, both. This also to Stirlitz; he decided to leave the IBG during this mission, but his score on the first version of the mission indicates he would\'ve been fighting for a top score had he stayed and re-flown.

This is the Top 6:

1.MAJ Anton Nels/Phalcun/53,465/42/Y
2.MAJ Richo/Draco/53,250/59/Y
3.1LT shaolin/Phalcun/45,675/31/N
4.MGN Himm El-Syna/Dagger/44,095/22/Y
5.VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran/Dagger/32,768/12/N
6.BGN Chris Horn \"Kicks\"/Dagger/14,055/39/Y

Among the squadrons, Phalcun came out on top. Congratulations! Dagger ended second, while Draco took home the Commander\'s Golden Chalice for having the highest number of pilots flying.
As this was the sixth mission in the tour, it also ended the second \"season\" of the tour. For those of you who\'ve joined recently; a season consists of three regular ITOD missions, and there are two special medals for this occasion.
The first medal is the \"Elite Squadron of the Season\" medal. It\'s awarded to the participating pilots in the squadron with the higest score after three missions.This time it goes to Dagger, and it\'s their fourth straigth win. Well done, Daggers!
The second is the \"Killboard Cup\". It\'s awarded to the participating pilots in the squadron with the highest number of kills in a season. It\'s Dagger that wins this one as well. Congratualtions!

Finally, the Mission Report Medal. There were three pilots writing stories this month; Stirlitz, Garca, and Ton. Their narratives were fun, and I continue to be impressed by the talents pilots in this fleet shows up. Thanks to each of you for taking the time to share this fun with the rest of us. I found it hard to decide which one was the \"better\", so I\'ve decided they will all get the medal. It\'s well deserved for your will to add fun to the fellowship in the fleet. Thanks!

3. ITOD 5.07

Due to the above mentioned lack of mission makers, as well as jc\'s retirement, we\'re a bit late, again. I have good hope the mission will be ready within a couple of days, though. This mission will be the first in the last season of Tour 5, so stay sharp and keep the seasonal medals in mind when you work with your squadmates to become the best squadron in the IBG!

4. MP

Yes, the Leagues of Interpersonal Competition (LIC) is working again! There\'s a couple of minor erros there, but nothing you\'ll notice much. Mystic is back, and is just about to work on it. I know we\'re a bit after with medals and merits for LIC, but this will be brought up to date soon. If you fly MP with another pilot in the IBG, remember to report it to LIC.

5. Medals and awards

MAJ Anton Nels, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Gold Wings for your victory in ITOD mission 5.06. Congratulations!

MAJ Richo, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Silver Wings for placing second in ITOD mission 5.06. Well done!

BGN Chris Horn \"Kicks\", you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Bronze Wings for your efforts on ITOD mission 5.06. Good work, Kicks!

MAJ Anton Nels, you\'re herby awarded the IBG Platinum Wings for winning your fourth set of Gold Wings. Excellent work, Anton, and welcome into the PW Club!

Pilots of Draco squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the IBG Commander\'s Golden Chalice for having the highest number of pilots reporting in on ITOD mission 5.06. Nice teamwork, Dracos!

COL Ton Matty, 1LT Garca Moismonbur, and 1LT Stirlitz, you\'re hereby awarded the Mission Report Medal for your narratives made for ITOD mission 5.06. Congratulations!

Pilots of Dagger squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Elite Squadron of the Season medal for your activity in the second season of Tour 5. Excellent work, Daggers!

Pilots of Dagger squadron, you\'re hereby awarded the Killboard Cup for having the most kills in the second season of Tour 5. Nice shooting out there, Daggers!

MGN Jon Anchorage, you\'re hereby nominated for the Excellency of Duty medal for your efforts as IBG XO. You\'re assistance and the fellowship we\'ve had has been a great thing for me during the time we\'ve had together in the IBG staff.

LCL jcmcgoo, you\'re hereby nominated for the Excellency of Duty medal for your work as IBG SO amd ITOD Team CO. It was fun working close with you in the IBG staff. Also, although being ITOD Team CO is perhaps a job where you don\'t get much public credit for your work, I know what you\'ve put into it and the hard work involved. You did a good job there, jc.

Medals and Merits have been updated.

Note on medals: As you might have noticed, there\'s a medal called the Veteran Service Medal. This one you get after being a member for 1 year, 2 years, et., and you have to nominate yourself for it.If you miss it on your profile, find your join date and nominate yourself this medal.

6. Conclusion

Summer is upon us. I guess it\'s been around for quite some time for some of you, but for some it has just arrived (like me) and for some it\'s now winter (like they have that in Australia and Argentina...). For those now having time to spend with family and friends, I hope you\'ll have fun and that you get a chance to relax a bit. If it gets rainy, well, you know where to find your friends in order to chat or fly a bit. Happy summer to you all! That goes to Richo and Hermann as well, who from a Scandinavian point of wiew are having an eternal summer :)

MGN Himm El-Syna
Dagger 4


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