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By RA Snappleguy
Unit: The Rebel Squadrons
General Announcement, Jul 17, 2005
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Just to let everyone know, there have been a few changes made to the site which may improve functionality for some of you. The following pages should work as expected now (If you have no idea what some of these pages are talking about, then you probably don\'t need to worry about them.

/roster/unawol.php - Now actually removes AWOL people from a fleet when requested to do so.

/gallery/submit.php - This has been fixed. In fact, the gallery works a lot better now than it used to.

/roster/menu.php - This has been converted to /menu.php. A few people were still using the obsolete one which we never got rid of.

/uniforms-auto/auto.php - No longer exists. Use /uniforms/generate.php now as the image source.

/roster/rscdmeritscript.php - Fixed.

/roster/fleet.php - Fixed a sneaky typo that occasionaly made it not work.

Some of the admin pages were fixed.


Here is a list of stuff that is in the works and should be showing up very soon:

ITOD - Cumulative statistics page much like the old one where you can select which missions to add up.

Forums - Logout is not working for some reason. It should be fixed soon.

Mail - There have been sporatic reports of email sent through the site being received with no line breaks at all. If anyone is experiencing this, please let me know. Also, if file attachments are not working, please bring that to my attention as well.

Starfighters - Choosing a craft (as your favorite in your profile) that is not an A-, B-, X-, or Y-Wing will cause the page to not work and possibly generate errors.


If anyone is experiencing a problem on the page that has not been mentioned above as either fixed or something that the IO staff knows about, please bring it to our attention via the Support Calls page located at


For those that wish to develop pages for their fleet/wing/squad/office and wish to use our php and database functions, you may view the documentation library at If you have any questions about using PHP or SQL, or any of the available functions, please send me a message and I\'ll get back to you as soon as I am able.


Are your redirects up-to-date? There have been quite a few recent changes in command. Please make sure you check your redirects so that they reflect any positions you may have. They are available for viewing via the Mail system.


That\'s it for now. Again, any questions can be directed toward myself or a member of the IO staff. Take care!


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