Rebel Squadrons

End of the mission report for 9.00 and intro to 9.01

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Aug 01, 2005
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Well, here\'s the end of the mission report for 9.00 and the beginning of the mission report for 9.01. Have fun.

Max looked into the briefing hall of the Prometheus and stared at the new faces. It was good to see new people here, especially after the wing\'s hard time. Well, things were going to be changing and those new cadets were going to do it for certain. Max chuckled to himself, remembering how he used to be the new kid on the block and now he was in charge. Ah well, time flies. Max began the briefing, while wearing an eye patch, a parrot on his shoulder, and a big and worn tricorner hat.

\"Argh, maties; our booty was fine and worth the struggle for it. We took in a bunch of comm gear and other fine loot the Imps will be missin\'. Commander Sergio Mantis took the biggest booty of them all and has the top gun for this mission with Commander Rekstar getting the best narrative. Let\'s give em a fine hand for this.\"
Max pulled out a finely severed hand from his pocket and gave it to Sergio, who quickly got rid of it.
\"Ah well, waste of a hand anyway. We have two new cadets who have just joined our ranks. Captain shaolin and LJG Baron Adamar Voltin, who both reported on this fine mission of haulin\' swag across the galaxy. Welcome aboard lads.
\"Seriously, I must get on with the next briefing. As he is presently packing for this mission, MGN Leitbur isn\'t present so I must give you the briefing. If you can remember, MGN Leitbur was rescued by us after coming off a recon mission and it is now our job to get him to the RS Command to report on his findings. All we have to do is hop into our fighters and wait for a couple of minutes. This is an extremely easy mission as you will be flying brights, TIE Advanced for those of you who don\'t know pilots\' parlance, but without any warheads. So, whenever you are done placing stuff onto the run-on for the last mission, suit up and get Leitbur outta here.\"

Well done with reporting guys, things were well. For future reference, please don\'t send pic files, you only need to send the pilot file when you are reporting in. The deadline for this will be September 6th, 2005 at midnight EST so get your reporting in soon. The reason this deadline is just a tad bit later than usual is due to college move-in for everyone and because of the Labor Day holiday for those of us in the U.S. and so that everyone can get their report in on time. I have also made the missions in the format that is presently being taught at the TFA, by popular request. If you have any questions, please contact either myself or Cmdr. Sergio. Have a good day/night and get flying.

-Lieutenant Colonel Max Cal
Retribution Wing CO


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