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Renegade Fleet NL

By GEN Phil DarkFire
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Aug 08, 2005
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Renegade Fleet NL (07/08/05)

RgF404 Results:

This month we again had 28 reports submitted from 48 active pilots in the main squadrons. This matches what we had last month but gives a 58% turnout which is itself a very small dropon last month. I\'d still like to see this above the 80% mark so we can increase the competition between the squadrons! The mission deadline was extended this month so more people could report. Again a 0 shows you read my emails :P

Top Ace:

As is becoming more and more common the Top Ace was a tightly faught contest again. There was only a differene 1600 points! Preventing CMDR Dyl\'jo\'ban from making it a hatrick of wins and taking his 2nd Top Ace of the tour was 1LT Carlos with a score of 46,814. As mentioned close in 2nd was CMDR Dyl\'jo\'ban with 45,235. Taking 3rd spot along with a big welcome back to active service with the fleet was GEN Licah Fox! There were also some impressive debutant scores from two new pilots to the Fleet in the form of 2LT Janis Deiverion & 2LT Juval Tiesler, taking 4th & 5th respectively. Congrats all!


If the battle for Top Ace was close then Top Squadron was even closer coming down to the last few hours for reporting (buys licah a beer to cheer him up) Through the course of the reporting period 3 squadrons were challenging hard. For the 2nd time this tour Ressurection pipped Dragon for the top spot by only 5k! with Ragnarok the early leaders being only a further 2k behind in 3rd. Red Dragon came in 4th with Twilight in 5th. Each squadron had over 50% of their pilots reporting which was good to see! The challenge is now on to see if RDS can take back the lead which they had in 403 or if someone else will displace Rza!

Top Wing:

As the Fleet is currently running at only two Wings this medal has been temporarily suspended.

The Fleet merits have all been updated for those that participated and medals awarded. This month there wee no written narratives submitted.

Other Medals:

1. Step forward CMDR Dyl\'jo\'ban, GEN Licah Fox, 2LT Janis Deiverion and RA Gavin Cantorph Kravis. For taking the top pilot position within their respective Squadrons I award the above pilots the Merit Commendation Medal. .

Front and center 2LT Carlos. For your continuing endeavours for your Squadron and your excellent mission scores i hereby promote you to Captain! Drinks are on Carlos if you can catch him at the bar.


1. This month i\'d like to mention some increased collaboration with the IBG in the form of the \"Leagues Of Interpersonal Competition\" what does that mean for RgF ..This is a means of promoting MP activity within the fleet through pilots competing one on one to see who is the best fighter pilot. The rules of engagement can be found at the following link There are still some issues to be sorted but if anyone does want to report any scores then please report them to the IBG CO and CC myself. Anyone interested in flying can use the messageboard, ICQ or email to contact one another and set up a match! (As we don\'t have a circuit facility as with XWA we can\'t compete in this league) As always activity on this level will be rewarded with merits etc in the usual manner, and also bragging rights over other pilots.

2. Also for MP the Avoton102 is still available for people to fly. Try using the forums or email people direct to arange events. I hope this can satisfy those wanting something more than SP. The mission can be found at:

BGN Phil DarkFire


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