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RSCD NL Aug 2005

By FA Super
Unit: Commando Division
Fleet NL, Aug 13, 2005
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RSCD Members,

I\'m adding this news item to update our news forum and show that people are actually working hard in the RSCD.

First, I am the new RSCD CO. I was asked to take this position by FC Spokes.

Second, I\'ve implemented several changes to how our operation works.

-I\'ve abolished the RSCD Academy in favor of in-squadron training and graduation. The main reason for this shift is that the RSCD simply does not have the officer resources for a dedicated Academy right now. This new method is called the Academic System. New Cadets are put immediately into the squadron associated with their gaming interests. The Squadron Leader and XO work together to give the new Cadets on the job training. Cadets will graduate and be promoted all the way up to 2LT based on our RSCD Merit Points system. After 2LT, all promotions are handled according to RS tradition.

-I\'m working towards building up interclub online activities for our members. Paladin Wing (the current name for our Battlefront group) recently had a fairly strong showing in our participation in\'s Week of War 5. We\'ve also been participating in the Battleweek competitions on There has been a little activity with the ICTE as well on the part of the Talon Squadron for the Jedi serious of games.

-I\'ve created a gaming competition for BF called the Mod Map Offline Competition (MMOC) which is meant to cater to our members who are BF fans but don\'t have broadband connections for online play. The first MMOC is now complete, and the second MMOC is now underway.

-I\'m expanding (or re-restarting) the use of RSCD Merit Points to give some sense of accomplishment for members who participate in our activities. I\'m pacing the use of Merit Points so that Cadet can get some quick, but hyper-active members can\'t build them up too rapidly.

Third, the RSCD has grown a lot in the past couple of months. Activity is now starting to reflect that growth. Activity is measured by our Merit Points, but our Merit Points are not the focus of our activity. The focus is to work together, participate and enjoy ourselves in our common gaming interests.


FA Super


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