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Wraith Squadron News - 27/08/05

By MGN Mat Bizegar
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Squadron NL, Aug 27, 2005
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Wraith Squadron News

1. Commander Rode Mitchell has retired from the Rebel Squadrons, which would
have left his spot open, except...

2. The King has returned! And has chosen to grace us with his presence, yes
that's right, ADM Kaz Falcion has returned to Wraith Squadron. Good news for
us, bad news for Hydra and Hellfire. Welcome back to Wraith, sir, though the
roster may have changed completly, I don't think you'll find much different.

3. The current mission (just to remind you again) is R2F 9.01. Get it from
here (under Wing):

We're not doing too badly at the moment, with 4 reports out of 7 and nearly
30k on Hellfire. This is good, though I want that activity to go up -
there's a Squadron Award with our name on it if we can get everyone flying.

Current Top Gun is our very own Alex, and it's starting to look like you
need to get every single enemy fighter yourself to get a good score in this

4. That's about it, except that we still need an XO - your stepping stone to
the command of the next reactivated squadron - or just someone to cover for

Oh and (5., I s'pose) can someone moderater me on the new Wraith yahoogroup,
and add Kaz while your about it...

CMDR Mathow Bizegar
Wraith CO


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