Rebel Squadrons

R2W NL for Sept. 11

By MGN Max Cal
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Wing NL, Sep 11, 2005
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Alrighty, first, I have to admit that we had an extremely productive mission, with 15 reports out of a possible 20. This is extremely good and I hope we have the same for the next mission. Just to take care of some \"administrative\" junk before I get to the report, I have to say that we had a lot of activity happen with us recently and a lot of graduates and returning members. First, we opened Slayer and Hellfire Squadrons as active combating squadrons during this ITOD. They are commanded by RA Jay Collins and Cmdr Sergio Mantis, respectively. Second, we have a new cadet graduate who still needs to flip his primary fleet over to Redemption- that\'s Cadet Kyle Terison- so that I can give him a promotion and we also have a new cadet graduate who, so far, has been quite active in the R2W- 2Lt Elthen Dotrea. Lastly, we have quite a few returning members- RA Jay Collins (formerly known as Adam \"Vender\" Fene but please call him RA Jay), Adm. Kaz Falcion, General Licah Fox, and Commander Thuku. Now, the actual report.
The CO was pissed. Pacing around like a madman, his hair slightly disheveled, a \"five-o\'clock\" shadow on his face, the CO was walking up to the lectern, then dashing off at the most insignificant indication of something wrong with the ship. It looked like someone cut deep into his heart, but that was obvious. MGN Bethan had deserted the RS and took with him all the plans that he and Max had made. The CO finally slowly sauntered up to the platform, smelling of the pungent odor of sweat. Finally, when nothing happened, the CO began...
\"We took a big hit today, because of what that traitor did. As you all know, MGN Leitbur decided to desert us and ream us a new one. We are now operating on extreme paranoia because of what info he walked away with. I am your new CO, Max Cal. I used to be the XO for this illustrious wing, but now I am in charge. I have to tell you that our next mission may be compromised but we have been ordered to do it due to the nature of the cargo. We have been asked by the RFCS to intercept a freighter convoy and attempt to re-capture it\'s contents, as they were taken by Bethan. The contents include Kaz\'s and Sair\'s most vital papers which have some sensitive info in them. Anyway, we have some good news on the last mission, by a whopping score of 29,719 points, General Licah Fox, a returning member to the R2W, has the top gun for the mission. We also have a new comer who has achieved the Mission Report Medal- 2Lt Elthen Dotrea...\"
At this, I stood up and blushed. I\'d been called out for a report I thought wouldnt get the medal. I mean, seriously, I\'m just the new kid-on-the-block.
\"As Elthen gets back into the real world, I\'d like to say that it was great having the competition finally come back...\"
At this, Jay made a snide remark that sparked laughter in the CO\'s eyes and in the eyes of the R2W veterans.
\"Lastly, I\'ve a few promotions to hand out. Elthen Dotrea, for graduating from TFA, I promote you to 2nd Lieutenant.\"
I stood up again, as my rank insignia was handed to me. Wow, twice in one day.
Admiral Kaz barged up to the podium and shoved Max off to the side at this point and said...
\"On behalf of the Redemption Fleet, we are promoting you, Max, to the rank of Colonel. Congrats, as the drinks are on you.\"
As Max stood dumbstruck, I thought \'uhoh, if he has to pay for drinks, then so do I...\' Max, at this point, got back to the podium.
\"Merit points shall be administered in short order and I believe that is it. Have fun with the mission.\"
Well, there\'s the narrative. The mission isn\'t due until the 16th of October, so have fun flying it; it can be found on the ITOD webpage. Also, please do not laser pad on this mission (this is considered cheating), as we will find out and act accordingly. Lastly, please report on the well-being of the Hammer of Justice when you turn in your report, as this will play into our future ITOD plans. Have a good time of day wherever you are.

-Colonel Max Cal
Retribution Wing CO


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