Rebel Squadrons

PBF NL 11/28/05

By RA Adam "Vender" Fene
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Nov 28, 2005
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Patriot Battle Fleet Newsletter
PBF 6.08 \"Twisted Blade\"

\"I understand, Vice Admiral Spokes. I\'ll do what I can to fill in Xtremegene\'s shoes, I\'m affraid things maybe a wreck for a while though.\" Jay said with a hint of doubt. \"It\'s going to be tough at this point in our campaign.\"

\"Well, we don\'t have much choice do we, Collins? Your new priority is to appoint a new Executive Officer, and get through this campaign alive. Spokes out.\"

Rear Admiral Jay \"Vender\" Collins, was now officially the PBF Commanding Officer.

- - -

\"So I see you have plenty of experience, but understand..\" Jay paused, thinking over how well the interview was going for the next XO, \"If you can\'t put up, don\'t stand up. We\'re in the middle of some very tough times.\"

Brigadier General Joshua Hawkins stood up. \"Well then, Sir, you have my answer. It\'s my intention to do what I can for this fleet.\"

\"Very well.\" Jay handed him a datapad. \"These are your new orders, listed by priority. Congratulations.\"

\"Thank you, Sir. I\'ll begin immediately.\" Hawkins saluted, Jay returned it, he spun and walked out.

Jay let a breath of air out. \"Well, that\'s covered.. the road to relief is getting near. Xtreme, wherever you are, we won\'t let you down.\"

- - -

Jay circled the command deck of the McGrath, when they came out of hyperspace. \"Now we\'ll just wait for the Windstorm so I can..\"

Helmsman screamed \"Sir! Enemy frigate dead ahead! Scans suggest it to be Imperial. Also picking up two Corvettes on both our flanks!!\"

Jay jumped to a tactical readout. \"Launch our fighters, continue ahead. When the Windstorm gets here, tell them to launch Sabre immediately and attack that frigate! Has it been identified yet?\"

\"Yes Sir, Nebulan-B \'Dark Blade\', Sir.\"

\"Well, the Dark Blade is going to have front row seats to its demise. Tell our fighters to strafe those Corvettes, keep them off our backs. Keep our laser turrets charged and firing.\"

Jay turned and looked at the time. \"Better be on time, Windstorm. Otherwise this will be the shortest command in history..well..besides..death.\"

New Mission!
PBF 6.08, \"Twisted Blade\", is now released for your enjoyment.
Due Date: January 2nd, 2006 (Happy Holidays/New Year!)
This mission can be very easy or very hard, it all depends on your strategy.

This is a long NL, so pay attention. Both the 6.07 and Historical Mission results are below.

PBF CO: There\'s quite a few. Firstly, Xtremegene is stepping down from his position as CO of the PBF. I, RA Jay Collins, am now in Command.

PBF XO: I\'ve also readily appointed BGN Joshua Hawkins to be Executive Officer. He has past experience, and is very eager to be helping the PBF in any way he can.

TO CO/XO: BGN Hawkins is also taking care of the Training Office, processing cadets. Captain Eric Reagan has also stepped up to be the TO XO to assist BGN Hawkins and myself.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC):
Find us in #PBF on the Undernet network(IRC). You can use programs such as Xchat, mIRC, etc, to access the channel. There are usually a good number of members in the channel at any one time. You can just sit back and relax, or discuss the current mission, or whatever else comes to your mind. Talk to the CS if you are having problems getting this to work. We can help.

Member Movement:
LCM Linden Rathan (Crimson Squadron)
2LT Jelf Boom (Crimson Squadron)

PBF 6.07 Results

([<|=(PBF*MRM)=|>]) PBF Mission Report Medal
2LT Elthen Dotrea

([<|=(V)=|>]) PBF Medal of Victory
VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran

Top Squad: Sabre Squadron
Top Wing: Crusader Wing

Squad Top Guns:
Sabre: MAJ Damon Lightwind
FireClaw: GEN Licah Fox
Crimson: LCM shaolin
Gold: VA Tyrell \"Spokes\" Borran
Red: 2LT Juval Tiesler
Green: 1LT Galactic Angel
Blue: CMDR Alexander Vandross

Squadron Killboard:
(For More Stats: )

Squad percentages:
Sabre: 9/9 (100%)
FireClaw: 6/9 (66%)
Crimson: 3/7 (60%)
Gold: 4/9 (44%)
Red: 6/9 (66%)
Green: 2/10 (20%)
Blue: 3/9 (33%)

Sabre Squadron will receive the Medal of Activity for having 70% or greater pilots reporting.

Fleet Performance: Eh..I\'ve seen better. People are busy this time of year, so I\'m not suprised. Hope to see more improvement on 6.08. Congratulations to all that received medals, and those that participated.

Merits: Merits are being updated, and will be completed soon. Sit tight.

PBF Historical Mission Results (PBF 2.11)

([<|=(PBF*MRM)=|>]) PBF Mission Report Medal
LCM Linden Rathan

([<|=(V)=|>]) PBF Medal of Victory
MAJ Mario El Atlante (Congrats..that was a tough mission!)

Top Squad: Crimson Squadron
Top Wing: Crusader Wing

Squadron Killboard:

A total of 8 people reported for this 1 week competition, which honestly I don\'t think is too bad on short notice. Congratulations to everyone that participated, way to hold the spirit of the PBF!

From now on I plan to keep having these 1 week competitions inbetween actual Tour missions. Makes things interesting, and I see who is on their toes. :)

That\'s all for now. Enjoy the holidays, the new years, and for those of you in school..your exams. heh heh. Have fun all.

- Jay Collins
Patriot Battle Fleet Commanding Officer
Gold Squadron, Crusader Wing


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