Rebel Squadrons

PBF 6.09

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
Fleet NL, Jan 16, 2006
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+++ PBF XO Command Override +++


Greetings Pilots!

My apologies for taking so long, we've had alot of technical difficulties. It seems though, most are straightened out again.

I have a lot to go over so let me begin with our current mission to get you all flying. Mission Due Feb 12th, Narrative due a few days later. Mission Downloadable from the ITOD pages, and eventually from the PBF website.

"Sir, I think you should look at this" LT. Beldan Sorrel, McGrath's tactical officer says.

"What is it? Sith spit, what the hell are they doing?" Joshua Hawkins says

"No Idea sir, I'll need some time to figure this out"

"I'll give you something better than time, I'll get you some help. Com, Get me Maj Lightwind up here on the double. "

"Aye, Sir. He reports he's on his way."

After a few moments and a few breaths later Maj Lightwind comes running through the door, with a salute, "Maj Lighwind reporting as ordered."

With a smile and areturn salute, "You're late." as he starts laughing. "Nevermind the jokes though, I need you to help tactical to figure out what our friends are up to. "

"Aye sir. We'll have it worked out for you soon"

"Good. Now, where the hell is Jay, he should have been back by now. Com, get me Spokes on the double. It's been a while now since RA Collins left for that meeting. I can only hope he's ok."

"Sir, VA Borran on the line."
"Thank you, transfer it to my office."
"Transfering now, sir."

"Spokes, sorry to bother you, I'm wondering when you're going to send my CO back to me. He's been gone a while now."

"Sorry about that Hawkins, we had alot more to discuss than I thought, he's just leaving now, it should take about a week for him to return to you."

"Well let him know before he hits hyper that all is well here, repairs are almost finished, and the Windstorm's repairs are coming along nicely. Only thing going on is simple recon at this point."

"Understood Hawkins, you're in command until Jay returns. Spokes Out."

Watching the screen go dead, Josh punches the console. "Damn, Of all the times. Doesn't Spokes remember what 'simple reconn' means? I just hope we're up for whatever our sensors find. Time to muster the troops I guess." With That Josh sends off the alert for the Pilots to meet in the briefing room.

Reading a datapad of the upcoming briefing, Josh makes his way to the briefing room which is already starting to fill up. He finishes reading and makes his way to the front just as everyone files in. "Greetings Pilots. First let me thank you all for coming so quickly. I have some news. RA Collins has been delayed at HQ, he'll return in a week should all go well. Second, and without groaning. We have a reconn mission for you. "

As the groans around the room happen anyway, a voice from the back says something to the effect of "so much for being able to blow imps up."

With that Josh turns on the holonet projector and displays what the sensors found. Pilots, you and a wingman will be in an Awing heading to this sector. ID everyone at this meeting, and keep the McGrath alive obviously. We just got her fixed, though her weapons are a bit glitchy right now. We're sending her into the sector with you because Tactical and I believe the people at this meeting will run before they fight. Plus having her there will help them running, cause, well it's us. Weve taken a beating and come back just as strong. Though, that's not to say there won't be any action for you. You all know what 'simple reconn' means by now." With a few chucles around the room Josh shuts off the projector.

Pilots, remember, ID everyone. We want to know who we are dealing with. Engage only what you have to, and by the Force, don't get killed. Pilots! To your ships!


Mission due: Feb 12, narratives due a few days later.

Now, onto some other important business.

These promotions come from RA Collins and myself. All are well and justly deserved.

Talon Jade, stand up and be recognized. For your service in getting the #PBF room back online, and for helping out Jay in a few other projects, you are here by promoted to 2LT. Congrats!

Eric Reagan, For stepping up and taking over as Training CO, we Thank you.

Chris Earthkeeper and Vykk Tharen, for outstanding and didicated service to the PBF, and your squads, we promote you to MGN. Thank you both!

Jack Barnes, for your continued service to the PBF, we promote you to the rank of COL. Thank you.

Shane Long, and Steve Hawkins, For your service to the PBF, and continued excellence in Sabre and Crusader wing. Plus to rectify a wrong done in the past. Your ranks of BGN are here by reinstated. Congrats.

A special promotion from me.
Damon Lightwind, for your increasing service to Sabre, and the uncanny ability to be a tactical genius on PBF missions, You are hre by promoted to the rank of LCM. Congrats!

Now please note, these ranks will not be effective immediately, it will take a couple days for these to go through. Paperwork and all that. Plus I know there are those that don't want to be promoted past a certain rank, and we'll give them time if those people wish to object.

In other news, Jay has gone on temp LOA. He has real life issues to deal with, so lets all give him your good thoughts and hope he makes a speedy return to us here. Cause we all know the RS is much more fun than real life.

One other note, this mission isn't the best in the world. It shouldn't be that tough to you experienced pilots. Any mission, is better than none though. :)

Pilots! Thank you all for holding out with us.


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