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By FA Tyrell "Spokes" Borran
Unit: Renegade Fleet
Fleet NL, Jan 27, 2006
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Firstly I'd like to appologise for there being a lack of activity recently with the RgF. I know we haven't had a mission for a while, and there has been no NL.

I have been given a temporary promotion at work, which although it means more money, it also means more responsibilities that take up more of my time. I am also studying to make it permanant. On top of that i am currently buying / selling a house and all that it involves. That howver is not an excuse for being so lax with the Fleet.

With the above in mind i have taken the decision to step down as the RgF CO. Although this may come as a shock to Dave he is temporary CO until HC replace me (sorry Dave no extra pay with this promotion Razz). I will stay on as Rza CO and the UG CO unless replaced by the new CO.

It has been a great honor to lead the RgF. When i joined the Fleet nearly 3 years ago now i never believed i would rise this far so quickly. As much as i have enjoyed it, the role has also been extremely frustrating at times. I'm not going to appologise for what i am going to say, but for the sake of the Fleet i am going to speak my mind.

XvT is clearly by now an old game that alot of people don't play anymore. That said the RgF is here for people who enjoy the game to have a chance to have some fun with like minded people. The frustrating part has been that despite the best efforts of a number of people who have spent their time and effort in producing both SP & MP missions, very few people fly each month. on most occasions we hover around the 50% mark for SP missions. MP has been non existant even though Dave has made a number of missions following people complaining about a lack of MP activity! If the RgF and as a whole the RS are going to survive (and i know people have differing views on this) then people who still want to participate are going to need to step up and be counted. I have seen very few recent Squadron NL's and in over the month i have said or done nothing only ONE person has shown any concern as to what was happening with the fleet!. This Fleet will DIE if people don't show an interest.
I do know that this is only a game and that people do have stuff in RL to do, but what is the point of being in a Squadron if you do or say nothing. I have run out of energy to try and promote activity as, bluntly i feel i have been banging my head against a brick wall.

Despite all this i think the Fleet can still work with a little effort from everyone. I have enjoyed my time at the top and still hope to see all of you flying in the future. Thanks to all thouse who have put alot of effort into the Fleet!

BGN Phil DarkFire


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