Rebel Squadrons

Empire at War: Gold!!!! Righteous Indignation Division Opens

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Redemption Fleet
Basic Announcement, Feb 02, 2006
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::You stand upon the bridge of your command ship, looking out at your assembled fleet. Support ships and escorts drift from massive warship to warship. The time to strike is now, but your enemy lurks out there somewhere, undetected. Do you hit hard and fast, trying to win in a war of attrition, or do you bring your battle fleet to bare directly on his capital planet? You've decimated him with hit and run attacks before, crippling both his navy and army. You've known constant victory and yet something scares you. You've yet to encounter his main battle fleet.

Where are they out there in the vast depths of space? To bring your full force upon his home planet might mean victory, but it could also see you losing many of your own systems as his fleets emerge from hiding. Have you sent him running yet, or is he just waiting for the right moment to destroy you? Your smugglers have infiltrated his world, and yet you're still not sure. As you stand there, looking out across the stars, he's also out there on his flagship, pondering his next move. Who will win in the ultimate battle for supremacy in the Star Wars Universe? Join the Rebel Squadrons' Righteous Indignation Division and find out.::

That's right folks, Empire at War has gone gold and will be upon us shortly. Righteous Indignation Division is prepped and ready. If you're interested, check our site out at: or contact me at or via the RS forums private messages. We currently have two task forces up and running and are eagerly looking forward to this game hitting store shelves.


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