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Vanguard Fleet Update

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Vanguard Fleet
Fleet NL, Feb 02, 2006
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IMPORTANT: I've had the roster within the RS Database changed into a accessible .doc file that contains a roster that I can updated much more frequently and easily. It's always been a chore to get every member of Vanguard out of game and into the RS DataBase, and any attempt has been met with failure. What we currently had their in no way represented what there actually was. As such, this was deemed as a better method of keeping track of who is in game and in the guild. All the names are in game names, on the StarSider server. The Command Staff also has their emails listed, so that the may be contacted. Even though Vanguard is now represented with a .doc roster and not directly within the DataBase, I will always make every effort to tell Vanguard members about the DB and to encourage them to join and explore other sections of the Rebel Squadrons. Here is the latest NL

Welcome to a new edition of the Rebel Squadrons Newsletter. Let's get on with it already.

Events: Well, J'Sen/Kypp's party turned into quite the event. It went on till somewhere near 4AM and had some pretty wild times. If you had your head in any holonews or tabloids over the past few weeks, you've no doubt heard at least some of the rumors. Needless to say, New Horizon Designs throws the best parties in the galaxy. Their next event will probably be something for the time around St. Patrick's Day, as there is another big event planned by some friends for V-day:

< Hosted by: Xaneth, Lex, and Issele>>

Issele and Xaneth are great folks, so treat this party as if it was thrown by myself, and do attend if you can make the day. My Lucky Despot party was such a success, the whole galaxy is throwing parties there now. As always, I see a lot of RSers in the Mos Eisley cantina, chatting it up with the local pirates, smugglers, dancers, imperials, etc. It's good to see out guild getting more and more involved in the overall Starsider world.

Ground: We're running more events for folks to get in on. Nik got together a nice Death Watch Bunker crew on Sunday, and we got ourselves Overlord Badges. A lot of us high-level folk are now hitting up the serious loot spots to bring the guild money and stuff it needs (like my new pink +20 agility shirt, thanks halyn :-P ). I just ran through all the ground vette missions solo so I could figure them out. I'll probably be running one soon for those who need some of them. Details to come, will probably do one for Sunday. If you need some of the badges, look for me. Until then, if we're not there, we're running Mustafar stuff, Kash stuff, or some other high level stuff on a regular basis, as well as helping you newer cats with the earlier stuff.

-So yeah, I can do a Vette Run on Sunday, mail me if you folks have any specific one you'd like to do. I can easily get the stuff together for any of them. We'll say 4 PM EST on Sunday for it, seems like a good time.

Ground PvP: People like Nik, Adirq, Bro, and Dizzi are getting out there fairly regularly, but I'd like to see more of you on patrol if possible. Nik, if you could, maybe we could set a night for folks and a time to do some serious patrols, so they can get it in their head a bit better and roll out on those days. In these days where there is truly no penalty for dying, there's no reason to really not be overt most of the time. Serious changes in pub 27 should make it a bit more diverse as well ::stares at all the commando weapons on his yacht's wall::.

-There is currently a Starsider Toughman Competition going on, it's basically a dueling league, contact Kuto to get in on the action.

Space: We're still helping a lot of you get up there and get the ships you need, but we NEED PEOPLE OUT THERE GRINDING PARTS. A lot of people are going up to our RE folks with a sweet engine or whatever, but don't have the parts to fill to make it awesome. As such, our NHD shipwrights are reaching into their own stores to fill these orders. They're running out of parts and only a few people are helping replace them. I know we're PvPing near every night, but take some time out of your day to hit up a black sun duty or two. Worst-case scenario is you get some sweet parts for yourself, help out others, make more money, and get a black sun helmet. Please get out there when you can. And if you still need Vette missions or Cyscc or whatever, just ask.

Space PvP: A reorganization is coming as we get even more focused on the scene. We're the Vanguard on the rebel side, so we need to stay on top of things. Recruits will be getting placed into the regular squads, etc, etc. Here's a rundown of stuff on the plate:

-Ever Wednesday 6 PM and then a 2nd event at 9:30 PM (Rules Change Weekly)
-Every Saturday 7-8 PM (Time may extend a bit with new Saturday Plot director)
-ThIS SATURDAY: Gibidy has some tourney starting at 6PM, details on the pilot boards
-Duel nights are going to be on Friday Nights or Sunday days (Bon is still working that out)
-The Kessel Run Event: Sunday Feb 12th, Adumar has a really cool POB event planned, talk to him or read about it on the pilot boards.


TeamSpeak Info: (Highly Recommended)

Password: rspaa

Our SWG forums are located at

Our club wide site is

We play all the major Star Wars games out there, so if you're interesting in playing anything from Xwing (Monthly new custom missions) to the newer stuff (BF II), check it out. We also have a myspace site at

Also, to thump my own chest, I'm currently forming the RS's Empire at War section. If you're interested, do drop me a line. Here's the site:

We have an irc chat channel for both the RS and Vanguard Fleet (as we're known to the main body RS). It's on the undernet at

#RS_BAR_AND_GRILL and #Vanguard

MGN Cody Qel'Droma
Your Neighborhood XO


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