Rebel Squadrons

PBF 6.09 Mini-NL

By FA Joshua Hawkins
Unit: Patriot Starfighter Group
----------, Feb 04, 2006
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"Where are my weapons?" Josh screamed as he slammed his fist down into the console.

"Unknown, sir. We're trying to track down the problem but it's not looking to good." Came the reply from somewhere behind him. One of the other bridge crew on board the McGrath who's been as busy and confused as the XO of the fleet it seems.

"General Hawkins, incoming message from High Command, and it's live not a message." a voice to his left said out of nowhere.

"Politely tell Spokes, rather VA Borran, that we're kind of busy right now and we'll get back to him. Now, will someone get me the report on these weapons and why they aren't firing." Josh was ordering to no one in particular.

"Sir, I won't repeat what the Vice Admiral said, but you better get on the line pretty quick." the comm's officer said.

"Aye, patch it through."Suddenly a few laser bolts hit the ship from a couple of the squints flying around. Soon after a hologram appeared of VA Borran on the console in front of Josh, listening in on the directions of the bridge crew of the McGrath. "Fine, since we don't have weapons, extra power to shields and bring the engines on full. I know we can't out run or maneuver those vette's so lets see if we can limit their target area." Knowing Spokes was listening in, Josh tactfully ignored him for the moment with bigger concerns. "Tell those pilots to quit having so much fun and give us a hand with these vettes!" as a sigh escapes his attention is drawn to the hologram at his fingers "Yes, Admiral, what can I do for you?"

"I see 'simple reconn' is living up to it's reputation. Where's RA Collins?" VA Borran said.

"Unknown sir, I thought you still had him. As soon as we got out of this mess I was going to call you and ask the same thing." Turning his attention to the front viewscreen monetarily he adresses the bridge crew again. "60 degree turn to starboard, and get me a little more power to those shields. I can't believe the imps found a couple of pilots crazy enough to be on a suicide mission." Suddenly he remembers the admiral again. "Sorry sir, we are kind of busy right now."

"I can see, since RA Collins is effectively MIA, you're now Acting CO. Do your best to keep the fleet together. Spokes out." As the hologram slowly faded out, Josh hit the console again. "Damn, of all the rotten luck. Fleets barely here as it is and he wants me to keep it together as we have two vette's making a straight shot for us. Wonderful."


Greetings PBF pilots!

You have about 8 days left to fly and I must say the turnout for this mission is very poor. I know part of the reason is, you're all not used to having an active and stable fleet command staff. I promise you I will change that. I will let you know now, that I have 6.10, 96% done and I am working on 6.11 and 6.12 as we speak. If things remain on track, I'll have some surprises for you in tour 7 that you will love.

RA Collins has gone MIA, I know he has a lot of real life issue to contend with, so we hope he has a speedy return. I'm now acting CO, and I can assure you I won't be going anywhere.

We're working on cadets as fast as possible, but it's grim right now. A lot of squads are losing members to inactivity. I urge you all, Squad CO's, please email old members of the PBF, and see if they wish to return. Also, While most of you are at school, please ask around your campus, schools, whatever and see if you can drum up some new recruits. Preferably for the PBF, but any spot in the RS is welcome.

Should you need anything please feel free to contact me.

BGN Joshua Hawkins
PBF Acting CO
PBF - Sabre 4
IBG - Phalcun 8


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