Rebel Squadrons

Vanguard Fleet: Squadron Updates

By FA Danny "David Lee Japan" Qatar
Unit: Vanguard Fleet
Basic Announcement, Feb 07, 2006
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Ok I've given this careful thought and put people's suggestions into consideration.

Sabre Squadron:

1. Li'
2. Adumar
3. TonmattyRS
4. Grax
6. Abi
7. Savage* LOA
8. Roc'ingersol
9. Aardon
10. Freedomry
11. Jaast
12. Aaura

Resurrection Squadron:

1. Cody
2. Izossk
3. Shikari
4. Daryus
5. Jo'shua
6. Ivisi
8. Rapax'
9. Thesto
10. Timmer
11. Lespin
12. Cejairx

*New Squadron, Inter Guild Squadron. As in we have pilots from different guilds included too.

Skifter Squadron: Fast Responce Support

YKL-Nova Courier: Adumar Voltin

YKL-Nova Courier: Halyn Lance (plus crews)


*Might recieve more pilots in near future.

RS Exclusive New Squadron to compliment RzA and Sabre

1. Dizzi (You're receiving a Captain's position)*
2. Targ'et
3. Kajagrae
4. Darmak
5. Ogoun
6. Nien
7. Kirock
8. Mich'ael
9. Jaast
10. Far-rider

I've tried to put in a fair mix of newer pilots with veterans/those from other servers who know what they're doing so no squadron is left behind. I appreciate that the new RS squadron might take some work as none of you guys have worked together before as a unit, but RzA and Sabre, along with my new responce unit will all be supporting each other.

*Dizzi, you're now a Captain and in charge of the new Squadron.

Adumar, you too are recieving the rank of Captain (I checked if it was ok first) and one day Halyn will get around to guild promotions etc.

Personal note for Abi: Sorry I stole Hal, but you're welcome to join Skifter Squadron if you wish. I'm still taking applicants.

Any queries, feel free to email me and I replaced myself with Rapax' for the RzA 8 Cody. Back on Bria, I basically formed the majority of what I know now off his influence and he's the guy who got me in an A-wing originally.

Oh, also with the new squadron I'm not sure what it's called. I leave that up to Halyn and Dizzi to discuss over.




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