Rebel Squadrons


By GEN Anton "Ups" Nels
Unit: Intrepid Battle Group
Fleet NL, Feb 16, 2006
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****IBG Mini NL Feburary 16th****

1.staff changes
2.Itod tour 6

1.staff changes

Well asyou may have noticed Himm has hung up his CO title
to become just your average Pilot,We will miss having you as
our CO,so for your extreme service and dedication and for
not following prey to IBG CO curse:P i would be honored to award you the IBG Cross Of Excellence!
so with himm retired from the CO spot i have stepped up to
replace him as the IBG CO,With Chris Kicks Horn replacing me as SO..james will still be serving as the XO of course with
the IO Mystic and our training officers shaolin and vason.
On a side note there has been some cleaning up in the ITOD if you have intrest in making missions or have
experiance with ALLIED mission building program please send me a email.

2.Itod tour 6

well tour 6 is in the process of bein created so i do ask for patience,untill then we have the bonus mission The Ladder
out for please give it a try.any more news regarding tour 6 will be announced soon.


Well I do encourage to see more pilots doing MP,
there is pleanty to do with LIC on a daily basis
not mention #Outerrim on saturdays.
on a side note there's a handy tool for all MP'ers who
used to play on MSN zone with XWA its a tool that creates a msn like lobby gaming room so that its easier to form up XWA MP partys you can find it here.
well after some discussion me and the IBG CS team should have some more news regarding MPso keep a eye out.


Well that basically sums up what have to announce,i would also like to mention how much of a honor it is going to be to command such a fine lfeet as the IBG! I do hope to make use of my abilities to the best of my command,now do expect to hear from me on a daily routine a i do want to get one thing acomplished soon and that is to get the IBG back up and running like the well oiled fleet that it is :) well thats it for now
i dohope everyone has a good week this week.

COL Anton "Ups" Nels IBG CO


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